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Kojic Acid for Skin Pigmentation: How to use
Kojic Acid for Skin Pigmentation: How to use

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Kojic Acid for Skin Pigmentation: How to use.

skin benefit kojic pads.

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48 thoughts on “Kojic Acid for Skin Pigmentation: How to use | Cover the knowledge about skin benefit kojic pads the most detailed


    Hi Prachi 😊😊❤️can I use aloha arbutin in morning and kojic acid cream at night before sleeping??? Pleaseeeee replyyy 🌚

  2. One life Do something says:

    Hi prachi di I'm 22 year old girl mokshi. Can I steam my face while using actives like kojic acid 1%

  3. steve hau says:

    Hi can I use the 10% vitc serum along with 2% kojic acid cream for pigmentation (due to sun/gastric) ???

  4. Mohammad Shariq says:

    Is there any single product which contains niacinamide tranexamic acid, kojic acid and arbutin.? If yes please reply me thanks in advance.

  5. Hasini Amudala says:

    Can Teenager use this …i have black and drakpots on my hands and legs cause of some allergices but after cured frm allergie ..that spots r not removing…… stays like that can I use kojic

  6. Sumaiya Nafees says:

    Di , will it reduce undereye dark circles and lip pigmentation too ??? Pllzzz reply pllzzzzzz 🙏🏻

  7. jazlyn says:

    Can I use kojie san soap with any good moisturizer which contain niacinamide and hyaluronic acid + a serum which contain vitamin c and alpha arbutin? Because I already have these products but I'm sort of afraid to mix them all together and use?

  8. Fly with your KRUSH says:

    2% of kojic acid and 2% (serum) of kojic dipalmitate (cream) paired together is a recipe for a skin disaster, please do not use kojic acid more than 1-2%.

  9. Alisha Hussain says:

    Mam which serum is better for pigmentation around mouth and acne scars kojic acid or alpha arbutin serum

  10. priyanka singh says:

    Ma’am do we have to use kojic acid serum and kojic acid face cream both together? I mean can’t we use only one product either kojic acid serum or kojic acid face cream ?

    And what is the proper order of skincare ? Is it :- Cleanser , kojic acid serum , kojic acid face cream , moisturiser and then sunscreen?
    Please if you could help me out with this , it will be very helpful !

    Thank you ma’am 😇

  11. Srishti Pilkhwal says:

    I have used derma co kojic serum. And I worked for me. Pigmentation around my mouth is fading away. A really great serum.

  12. Chum Be ni says:

    Hi prachi
    I have pigmentation problem and i wanted use both kojic acid serum and kojic acid cream. But i also havs dry skin and i want to moisturise my skin and use sunscreen as well. So can u please let me know the correct order of applyjng these products?
    Is it – kojic serum, kojic acid cream, moisturiser, then suncreen?
    Or can i use kojic acid cream as a moisturiser and use only serum, cream, sunscreen?
    Please help me ☺

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