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It works beautifully!

Love this smooth and whippersnapper texture of the serum. It has a nice consistency and easy to dab evenly on the skin with the little finger feel. The serum is very gentle and I can feel the immediate effect on the under eye areas. After an intensifier two months test period of using this eye serum doubly daily, I have to say that this cream is working quite efficiently and efficaciously in improving skin tone and texture. It ‘s besides visibly minimizing the appearance of ticket lines and wrinkles, specially those under eye ostentation and sagging peel. This serum is not merely providing moisture for the skin but it ‘s enriched with vitamin C, Tri-peptides which helps reducing under eye darkness circles angstrom well as lift, firming the skin for a more soft and smoother overall bark complexion .

Most Helpful Critical Review

This product didn’t help but worsened the problem

Been using this merchandise for 2 months. Really wish I would have read the reviews rather of wasting my money. not only has this product NOT worked but it has dried out the skin under my eyes so much that what once were wrinkles now feel like dried out scab. Read that again. I ‘m dangerous. I ‘ve never had dry skin – it has always been very balance and normal. I do n’t know what to do about my eyes immediately. The skin is thus sensitive I can no longer use make up wipes as they sting. Everything stings because the clamber there is so dry. For such an expensive product you would think the least it could do is NOT worsen the problem ! so defeated and sad.

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Reading: Kiehl’s Since 1851 Powerful-Strength Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C Eye Serum | Ulta Beauty

Reviewed by 1169 customers

Best serum!

5 Jessica Delgado from HTX I absolutely loves Khiels products. This serum is a must have in my dauly routine .

AWESOME product!!!!

5 kimc0789 from undisclosed This is an amazing product ! ! It actually does lighten the under eye area. It is deep and thick for a serum and can be wear alone, but I apply an center cream on clear. I noticed a deviation within two weeks @ [ merchandise : kiehl’s-powerful-strength-dark-circle-reducing-vitamin-c-eye-serum ]

Yes it works!

5 Beloved_20 from Los Aw I am person that has light skin and when I do n’t have beneficial sleep you will see it in my bag ! This serum is amazing it works wonders ! Do n’t expect and overnight result, stay coherent and your bags will thank you .

Best eye serum

5 Khosh from Concord, CA In love with this eye serum. I have eyes with dark circles and this serum helped me a batch. By passing each day I feel my circles getting bright and I am surely by using this serum for long time these circles will decidedly disappear. I apply this morning and evening after my skin manage act. I highly recommend this if you have dark circles besides

It works!

5 mteters from leap, TX This eye serum is nothing but perfection, I love how smooth my skin feels after using Kiehl ‘s Vitamin C eye serum. I already recommended to my friends because I know that it actually works !

Good for fine lines

4 freebsies from undisclosed very enjoyed the Kiehl ‘s Powerful-Strength Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C Eye Serum. I have sensitive eyes and this product did not irritate my eyes at all or have a impregnable scent. The consistency of the serum is more like a thick cream, which I personally loved since I have very dry skin. A little goes a long way, and I found that my all right lines did improve through continued use. I ‘m giving it four stars because I did n’t see much improvement with my colored circles, but I will continue using it for all its other benefits .

Works great!

5 Amber12 from Arizona Dark circles are a thing of the by with this serum. Works great !

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Overall, a solid product

4 Katie0723 from Irvine, CA overall, I liked this center cream. It felt polish and juicy to the touch and my undereyes felt humidify. I did n’t notice a huge difference in wrinkles, though .

You burnt my eyes!

1 raccoon from undisclosed Looking like a raccoon today, thx Kiehls ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Eye Cream, not serum

3 jeny2 from undisclosed This is a cream, not a serum. It ‘s a little thickly and does n’t spread adenine evenly as I would like, which causes more lug at the eye sphere. I use this cream at night, but I do n’t feel much moisturizing from it. I have so far to see improvement of my blue circles, but I ‘ve lone used this for 2 weeks. possibly there will be improvement with long terminus consumption. I entirely give this cream a 3 star because of the texture .

Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C eye serum

5 Reenie from undisclosed Takes about a workweek to see any results. I do believe the circles are becoming light .

No real difference

3 marga77 from Washington DC I have n’t seen a deviation and expected more given the price point. It dries out my under eye area if I systematically use it 2x day by day ( as recommended ). not the miracle product I ‘d hoped for given the positive reviews.

Combo must have

5 Charlottesmom from Los Ángeles Starting using in January along with Avocado eye cream besides from kiehls. Love it decidedly see a reduction in dark circles and fine lines .

Super powerful!

5 Amber11 from Seattle I absolutely LOVE this eye cream ! It is slurred and creamy, glides on like a dream. I ‘ve been using it day by day and I see such a difference already. My under eye skin is brighter and tighter, the texture is legato excessively ! I ‘m in truth print and I ‘ll be rebuying this .

No more

5 Zumar from ATL, GA This has diminished my skins darkness. This box is a good size. good it is vent fast .


2 child oxygen from ca It helps moisturizing your eye but dont know if it actually works on my dark circle


5 Roni1 from Salinas I love love this product. I have used products with Vitamin C in the past and hate how oily it leaves my face. This product gets absorb and leaves my bark spirit delicate and smooth. My make up looks amazing and my hide precisely radiates. I would decidedly recommend this product .

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5 Izaa from Huntintong beach This eye serum truly work, i use for 3 months and one see it ! It is to creamy but is amazing

powerful serum

5 texasgall from Texas Kiehl ‘s Powerful-Strength Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C Eye Serum is identical powerful. Alittle goes along ways. After a few months of using one absolutely love it. I use it 2 to 3 times a workweek. Works bang-up. Easy to use and drys on absolutely. I recommend

A difference in a week

5 ruby Slippers from undisclosed My daughter recommended this for me, and I am therefore pleased with the results after a week, my under eye circles and skin have shown a obtrusive improvement. so glad to have found this product .

Diminishes Dark Circles Significantly

5 Robin H from undisclosed truly like the rich creamy texture that absorb well under the eye. Have had dark circles for years and I truly see a difference with this product ! !

Dark Circle Serum

2 KKickin from Chicago Have been using for several weeks and inactive have dark circles and it does n’t moisturize enough

Loved it, not sure if I noticed much of a differen

4 Amanda6 from Los Angeles I Love the smell and palpate of this cream and though I did n’t notice a major dispute or improvement, I would inactive use it again because it is inactive a capital moisturizer and my skin possibly improved a little bite which is well enough for me !

Ok but did not wow me

3 AliciaNurse from Birmingham, Alabama I wanted to love this because dermatologists are constantly hyping the importance of using vitamin C and I have constantly heard such great things about Kiehls products. unfortunately, the Kiehl ‘s Powerful-Strength Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C Eye Serum did n’t live up to my expectations. It is a adequate product, but I did n’t truly see any significant changes in the eight weeks I used the merchandise. Plus, for the monetary value of Kiehls products, I was excepting a better belly laugh divisor. Honestly, I would still purchase my cheaper vitamin C products of this one.

A keeper

5 Nonni from Santa Fe, NM Love this eye cream, it is effective and the texture is velvet

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