The Manual may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. If you want to be remembered in the shoe worldly concern, you need to break the mold. Converse was one of the inaugural brands to popularize rubber footwear. Adidas made waves in the mid-20th century with its low-cut models, starting with the Gazelle and leading to Stan Smith. Nike introduced the waffle iron outsole, which led to innovations for running shoes and beyond. Vans developed the iconic Era blueprint specifically to cushion the feet of skateboarders. For Keen, it was a toe bumper .
Founded in 2003, Keen is a family-owned, Portland-based brand ( although its roots are in California ) that made a identify in the footwear quad by protecting your toes. The flagship design, the Newport sandal, stood out from other options with its uncompromising rubber crown at the front, which encouraged wearers to go on outdoor adventures without worrying about stubbed toes. This toe bumper has factored into the brand ’ randomness now huge batting order, which includes exercise boots and free-and-easy footwear. According to the post, over 10 % of people who have purchased at least one pair have actually owned over 10 pairs of Keen shoes.

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however, Keen is besides a humble brand. certain, the toe bumper is advanced. After experiencing it firsthand with a pair of boots, I appreciate the support it offers, but the brand goes beyond protecting one ’ mho toes — the company makes it its mission to protect the environment a well .
In the 17 years since its origin, Keen has crafted a company around a focus on sustainability. We ’ rhenium not just talking about making workspaces green and ensuring that employees recycle ( although Keen surely does both and the narrative behind the buildout of its Portland headquarters is worth its own deep dive ) .
Keen dissects its issue chain. Every material generator is analyzed for its environmental impact. While the team hasn ’ thyroxine reduced the company ’ mho carbon footprint to zero, they are blasted determined to get as close to that as potential .
I was invited to tour Keen ’ s headquarters and factory in Portland to better understand how the shoes are crafted and with what .

Quality Is Key to Production

A brake shoe company has to be “ audacious with a reason, ” Chris Pawlus, Keen ’ s Vice President of Design and Innovation, tells The Manual. That reason is sustainability and a mission “ to bring invention to the consumer faster, ” he says .
But foremost, you have to make the shoe .
seem dim-witted enough, right ? You design a shoe, make it, then people put them on their feet. But it very starts with a trouble .
During my tour of Keen ’ sulfur Portland facilities, I heard a fortune about problems – but what kind of trouble is Keen trying to solve ? According to one team penis, “ the foot is the node. ”
With the original Newport, the problem was stubbed toes. “ The toe bumper is not a fashion instruction, but it is why we are here today, ” explains Pawlus. That same mentality applies to all of Keen ’ mho shoes. For exercise, the Utility occupation of function boots is arguably the second most recognizable offer from the brand. That same trouble of foot security was solved by Keen ’ s ability to “ think of a proletarian like an athlete, ” according to Pawlus .
keen portland flagship store shoe
The shoe-making process is obviously a batch more complicate than the three-step serve. The more steps that Keen creates, the more it can control the timbre of a intersection. For example, one team uses 3D print to bring digital designs to life with compostable credit card without sending them to factories for samples. While the plastic material international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine suitable for walk, it allows the team to skip the jobber of prototype output, explore ideas in real-time, and not worry about creating shoe godforsaken .
Keen besides has the Maker ’ south Lab, where more practical prototypes are crafted from a library of unlike materials. When the team is satisfied with a design, the prototypes are broken back down by their components and sent to the correct facility for production. The place that makes the soles isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessarily the plaza the cuts the leather for the uppers, which is where Keen ’ s impressive supply chain comes in ( more on that in a moment ). The diverse production facilities in Cambodia, China, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, and, of course, the United States allow the team to control more of the process .

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keen portland factory robot
Nicole Raney/The Manual
keen portland factory sole
Nicole Raney/The Manual
keen portland factory uppers
Nicole Raney/The Manual
keen portland factory inspection
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Let ’ s expect at one piece of that summons : Keen ’ s American Built collection. On the floor of the Portland factory, which opened in 2010, you will see multiple brake shoe sizes, colors, and styles at diverse stations. Shoes are randomly selected to go to the Quality Lab, where they are ruthlessly tested for flex, the ability to handle sudden downward force, and waterproofing .
quality is key for any product but particularly crucial for a shoe, since it helps hold your body upright all day. When speaking with Don Wicks, the U.S. Plant Manager, he puts that timbre in the perspective by referencing longevity. When you have a choice merchandise, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate throw it away – you hold on to it or recycle it. Looking at the bigger picture, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the U.S. created 12.8 million tons of clothe and footwear in 2017. however, lone 1.7 million tons were recycled .
Keen ’ mho quality is endemic to its deputation to protect the environment. The production crew is focused “ on making a good intersection that ’ s environmentally sustainable, ” says Wicks. When we can be involved on the factory floor, “ we can control every separate of that. ”

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Consciously Creating a Better Supply Chain

so, we ’ ve got the philosophy : Make shoes that solve problems for people who work and play arduous .
We ’ ve got the design and production march : Involve the team in every measure to ensure quality .
But like a great dish, it in truth comes down to the ingredients. You can ’ t have a delicious lasagna if you don ’ triiodothyronine source good tomatoes, fresh cheese, and handmade pasta.

The buttocks line for the brand is to ensure that the provide chain – where the shoe materials are sourced – is of the same high quality as the remainder of the production line .




keen uneekbot machine shoe
Uneekbot is an exemplar of how the stigmatize innovates. Nicole Raney/The Manual
keen uneekbot machine
The automaton weaves a alone ( get it ? ) pattern that creates the top of the sandal. Nicole Raney/The Manual
keen uneekbot machine string
The top is made from recycle fictile. Nicole Raney/The Manual

Where do you start ? The inaugural step is to understand each individual component. You have to grasp how a cow is connected to the leather in your boot .
According to Kirk Richardson, Keen ’ s Supply Chain Expert, and Chris Enlow, the Corporate Responsibility Director, it boils polish to two things : dominance ( which we ’ ve already seen demonstrated in how the shoes are made ) and education .
“ The issue chain is multilayered, ” Richardson tells The Manual. “ That ’ s been the most matter to work for us is figuring out where gorge came from. ”
“ We focus on the ‘ why. ’ A draw of these things aren ’ t exciting. They ’ re very mown and dry … very transactional, ” says Enlow. “ There are 50 different companies represented in that shoe. If you can ’ triiodothyronine get people educated and excited about the ‘ why, ’ you can ’ triiodothyronine get them ” to understand the effect their brake shoe decisions have on the environment .
Keen ’ s “ Consciously Created ” crusade highlights “ why ” Keen made certain changes to its supply chain :

  • Keen developed an eco-friendly anti-odor that ditches harsh chemicals in favor of probiotics – yes, those same little microbes that help you regulate your stomach – to make sure your shoe smells less, well, smelly. You know that new car smell? Products can sweat like humans, giving off a chemical odor. The company was concerned about the health effects of the anti-odor chemicals, so they found a way to replace it with a biologically based solution.
  • All of the leather used in the shoes is LWG-certified (Leather Working Group). Keen only works with tanners that have a closed-loop water treatment process. What does that mean? Well, tanning leather requires a ton of water, which is contaminated in the process. A closed-loop system prevents that water from being reintroduced into the environment and recycles it back into the tanning process.
  • In 2019, the shoes became 95% free of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), a common substance used for waterproofing gear. The Keen website describes it best: “These compounds are suspected carcinogens and degrade very slowly in the environment, so we’ve switched to alternative chemistry that’s safe and performs just as well.” Being PFC-free is out of scope for footwear so you can’t get credit it for it in the public space. But Keen does it anyway.
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When I ask what Keen could teach other footwear makers, one give voice comes to mind :
“ Curiosity, ” says Kirk .
For example, polyurethane is an organic polymer that can be found in anything from insulation to condoms. At Keen, it ’ s used for the midsole in some shoes because it ’ s highly durable. however, it ’ south besides made from oil, which we all know international relations and security network ’ t the most sustainable resource. The finish of team members like Enlow and Richardson is to find a successor for an industry staple like polyurethane, which then forces the stay of the industry to rethink how they use materials. They aren ’ thymine trying to reinvent the rack, but rather find a better manner to make it .
“ It ’ s looking at what we can do with new alternatives, then proving what it can do the marketplace, then incorporating it into our [ products ], ” explains Enlow. “ Polyurethane – I dream of a day that can be 100 % bio-based. ”

Toes to Tomorrow

It takes years of sour to build something like this. But it all begins with the influence they ’ ve done – begins, not pauses or ends. After spending clock with the Keen team, from issue chain to shoe design to production, I felt that “ begin ” was an unofficial mantra. Why wait for another caller to solve problems for both our feet and our planet when we can begin the action correct here ?
For context, my factory travel to occurred when the Germany-based Adidas announced the blockage of two facilities in the U.S. and Germany in favor of outsourcing to Asia .
keen disaster relief japan 2019
Keen ’ s commitment to establishing a sustainable add chain and a Stateside initiation for American-made footwear while early companies are looking to outsource international relations and security network ’ thymine just a statement. It ’ s a personal belief that starts at the circus tent .
“ [ Keen is ] not barely doing it because it ’ mho cool, ” says Enlow .
“ [ We ’ ra ] concerned about the footprint on the global that we operate within, ” Richardson finishes .
From where we ’ ra sitting, it looks like tomorrow ’ randomness footprint is going to have a toe bumper .

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