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Kathleen Bradley is releasing a revealing new book “Behind the Scenes, The Price Is Right,” Memoirs of a Barker Beauty. Visit to order

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Kathleen Bradley
Kathleen Bradley

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Kathleen Bradley.

kathleen bradley feet.

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  1. Karl Reed says:

    I bought the book. Very interesting, what went on backstage. On stage Kathleen was very professional. I love the 90s shows. Attended many tapings. But never a contestant. One taping Kathleen was showing a pine recycle cabinet IUFB. I gave Martha the winning $930, plus she received $500

  2. Izreal Walking says:

    That's all experience right there…😍
    Bruce Leroy voice : can you teach me some moves 😍🤤🤤🤤🤤

  3. Billie Bleach says:

    Ooh dear….this is one of those images you see once and you’re hooked for life.
    And in this fucking quarantine dating is out of the question, the icing on the cake 🥶🥶🥶

  4. Fred Hopkins says:

    Lord have mercy…the lord is my sheppard he know what I want…excuse me brother ..miss parker miss parker

  5. videox222ify says:

    Kathleen is such a beautiful lady. I grew up watching her on TPIR, she was always one of my very favorites.

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