With a common sense of normality, community, and hope on the resurrect again, Jing Jai Farmer ’ second Market and bumpkinly market is the locate to be. Every Saturday and Sunday Jing Jai Market, which translates to sincere in Thai, opens Chiang Mai up to an abundance of coffee stands, second hand stores, food, fresh produce, and events. Rows of cars on Asadathorn Road line up on the side of the street like arrows pointing to the event that opens from 6:30 am to 1 promethium every weekend. Parking can besides be found elsewhere such as at the Grand Napat airless by. As you arrive at its entrance you are joined by bustling market-goers carrying their own patronize bags filled with goods, snacks, or souvenirs. Since 2018, no plastic bags have been allowed to be distributed. Upon entrance, an organize COVID checkpoint with hand sanitiser, and temperature measuring machines greet visitors — the common routine. A aggregate of sounds from alive music to muffled chatters and laughter behind face masks, chirping birds that live in the consequence quad ’ sulfur towering trees, and the squeaking french horn of the market ’ s complimentary transportation golf cart will fill your ears. vibrant colours such from the fresh green of the organic commercialize, to the rainbow range of second-hand books, handicrafts, and different types of fresh foods being cooked in front of your eyes, will keep you going from stall to stall. You will find it all here because it is the “ largest handmade products kernel and the first organic market in Chiang Mai. ” many events are happening at Jing Jai, adding to its fun. Over this past weekend there was the Bloom Bazaar by Chiang Mai Bloom which featured masses of colorful vibrant flowers. There were besides workshops such as face mask embroider, natural tie-dye, key chain make, acrylic flower painting, and crafting clay jewelry across multiple art stations.

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then there is the Jing Jai Warehouse which is presently one of the multiple venues across the city hosting the art for Air. This is a Chiang Mai-wide art exhibition that showcases the issue of befoulment and global thaw through different mediums of art which will continue until 30th April. The exhibition ’ mho finish is to raise awareness for Chiang Mai ’ s annually “ befoulment season ” starting around March where smoke from burning fills the air and cover the township with a toxic daze. Some have artists at Jing Jai Warehouse are Angkrit Ajchariyasophon, Thawatchai Phansawat, Apichatpong Weerasetkul, and Nattaphat Phaetong and many more. other venues include the ill-famed Three Kings Monuments, Lanna Folklife Museum, Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Centre, Chiang Mai Historical Centre, and MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum. other artists are featured in the latter.

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Come articulation Jing Mai commercialize every weekend for fresh food to eat or take home, a cosy community air, and experience what it all has to offer. Jing Jai Market sincerely embodies the “ Sabai ” Chiang Mai life style.

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Jing Jai Farmer ’ south Market and Rustic Market
Saturday and Sunday from 6:30 am – 1 phase modulation
call : 053 231520
45 Atsadathon Road Jing Jai Market x Chiang Mai Bloom 2021
27 February -28 February
Saturdays and Sundays from 9am – 12pm Jing Jai Warehouse x Art for Air 2021
Mondays and Fridays from 10am – 4pm
Saturdays and Sundays from 9am – 4pm
( closed Tuesdays – Thursdays )

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