After all, Dumbledore lays down his life as the heroes of the Harry Potter series do, making him an anti-hero to behold..

Is Dumbledore a villain or a hero?

As headmaster of Hogwarts and mentor to Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore is considered a hero in the wizarding world.

Who is the antihero of Harry Potter?

Severus Snape: the antihero

And the answer lies in Snape, the second cruelest person in the world, next to Voldemort, who is somehow transformed by love. Snape, like all antiheroes, represents what society hates: cruelty, cowardice, self-interest, and dishonesty.

Is Harry Potter a hero or an antihero?

Harry Potter is generally considered a hero. He is brave and smart.

Was Dumbledore a good guy?

Throughout the Harry Potter series, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore acts as a benevolent force guiding Harry and his friends through adventures large and small. However, when you examine some disturbing facts about Dumbledore, it’s clear that he is irresponsible at best and legitimately evil at worst.

Was Dumbledore really… BAD? – Harry Potter Theory

Is Dumbledore manipulative?

Dumbledore was something of a grandfather to Harry, even a father figure, much like Sirius, Lupin, Arthur, etc. He wasn’t manipulating Harry because he wanted to. He did it because he had to. Not petty… but definitely manipulative.

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Did Dumbledore betray Harry?

The Order of the Phoenix was something of an epiphany for Dumbledore. After admitting that he strayed from his purpose, he recommitted and told Harry of the prophecy. Throughout Harry’s sixth year, he continued to make the boy believe that he had to kill Voldemort and encouraged Harry in his desire to do so.

Is Dumbledore an anti-villain?

On the other hand, Dumbledore works alongside Gellert Grindelwald and doesn’t tell Harry about the prophecy right away. These facts make Dumbledore neither a hero nor a villain. Dumbledore fits best into the antihero category, a main character who lacks the traditional heroic traits.

Who is the best antihero?

DC: 10 Best Antiheroes, Ranked

  • 4 John Constantine is an evil wizard.
  • 5 Frankenstein is a monster hunter. …
  • 6 Bizarro has become an antihero. …
  • 7 Specter fulfills its religious purpose. …
  • 8 Azrael is an angel of death. …
  • 9 Deathstroke is an assassin with a code. …
  • 10 Black Adam does everything for his people. …

What are examples of antiheroes?

Here are two well-known examples of antiheroes from television shows and literature:

  • Walter White: Walter White is the main character of the television series Breaking Bad. …
  • Severus Snape: In her Harry Potter books, JK Rowling created an anti-hero who is the opposite of Harry Potter, a classic hero in every sense of the word.

Is Snape a hero or an antihero?

What makes Snape the quintessential antihero? He is completely out of his inherent character to be heroic. His heartfelt love for Harry’s mother, Lily, drives him to fight for the good. While studying at Hogwarts, like Voldemort, Snape despises those born of a non-witch bloodline.

Is Batman an antihero?

At first glance, it may seem that Batman is no different from the rest of these crime fighters, but he is not your typical superhero, because he is also an antihero.

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Is Draco an antihero?

Draco Lucius Malfoy (simply known as Draco Malfoy) is a major antagonist turned anti-hero in the Harry Potter franchise, appearing in all the films and books. He is the typical spoiled and self-centered bully, Harry’s rival at Hogwarts and a Death Eater in the employ of Lord Voldemort.

Why is Dumbledore troublesome?

The most problematic thing about Dumbledore is the fact that he was aligned with and helped create a bigoted ideology about Muggles and Muggle-borns and a political platform with Grindelwald. He not only accompanied her, but was also essentially her partner and co-creator.

Why is Dumbledore’s hand black?

After Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts, he used Godric Gryffindor’s sword to break the Resurrection Stone and destroy it as a Horcrux. Although the act destroyed the ring as one of Riddle’s Horcruxes, it did not stop the fatal curse. The curse made Dumbledore’s hand look black and withered, as if it were dead.

Why was Dumbledore ignoring Harry?

He began to fear Harry’s connection to Voldemort. Perhaps Voldemort, knowing Dumbledore’s love for Harry, would possess Harry and goad Dumbledore into killing him. Therefore, Dumbledore tried to avoid Harry throughout Book 5 for Harry’s sake.

Is John Wick an antihero?

John Wick is the main antihero of the movie of the same name and its sequel. He is portrayed by Keanu Reeves in both movie appearances. The character also appeared in the video game Payday 2 as part of the Lionsgate game’s promotion of the film, where the character was mentioned and played by a different actor.

Is Moon Knight an antihero?

Moon Knight’s introduction is the perfect amount of ambiguity that comes from the antiheroes. It was not introduced to save people or stop crimes. Instead, he was introduced as a mercenary chasing a werewolf (which is the actual main character in the comics).

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Is Deadpool an antihero?

Deadpool (Wade Winston Wilson) is an antihero in the Marvel Comics universe. When he first appeared, he acted as the villain of New Mutants and X-Force, and later became a more heroic figure.

Is the anti-villain good?

An anti-villain is a character who has heroic personality traits or goals but is ultimately the villain in this story. For example, an anti-villain may have noble goals, but his means of achieving that goal are evil.

Is Thanos an anti-villain?

Thanos, however, is not the classic evil villain; he plays a much more antihero role, despite his genocidal tendencies. This isn’t the first time Marvel has toyed with moral ambiguity.

Are there anti-villains?

Anti-villains have lofty characteristics, values, and goals, but the way they strive to achieve those goals is often questionable, if not downright abhorrent. Like traditional villains, anti-villains get in the way of the hero’s goal. But unlike a traditional “villain,” the anti-villain isn’t necessarily evil.

Is Dumbledore selfish?

In fact, he led Harry into danger far more times than necessary. On the way to defeating Voldemort, Dumbledore constantly abused those closest to him by selfishly keeping them in the dark.

Is Dumbledore a pure blood?

An interesting fact to note is that despite ideals that purebloods are inherently more powerful wizards, some of the most powerful or particularly skilled wizards and witches in the series are actually half-bloods (such as Lord Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore , Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape and Harry Potter) or…

Was James Potter a tyrant?

James was a bully at school, so much so that not even the greatest of James Potter’s defenders can deny it. He mercilessly mocked Snape and, in a particularly gruesome memory, hung him upside down and paraded him in front of the entire school.

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