The best iPad cases are multi-purpose, protecting your iPad from damage and they can be used as stands to prop your device up. Plus, they offer somewhere to keep your Apple Pencil ( so you ‘re less probably to lose it ). Yes, a caseless iPad looks and feels amazing, but its smooth and bright exterior means it feels less impregnable than you ‘d like given the price. vitamin a good as providing a harbor for your iPad, you can besides use the case to ensure your device is at the best slant to work on, watch content or make television calls. Some cases even have built-in keyboards, enabling your iPad to turn into a mobile workstation. so even if you are extra-careful with your devices, there ‘s even a rationality to invest in a quality case. We ‘ve found our favorite of the best iPad cases around, with all needs covered. This list contains low-cost covers to high-end models with the features to match. We evaluated them based on functionality, level of auspices, value and customer reviews. Remember, as iPads come in different sizes, certain cases will be compatible with sealed models ( our lead to iPad generations will remind you of which iPads are on volunteer ).

No iPad ? Take a look at our regularly updated guide to the best iPad deals. If you do already have an iPad and want to get the most out of it, our guides to the best iPad keyboards and the best iPad stand might help. For nowadays, let ‘s take a count at the best iPad cases available correctly now .

The best iPad cases you can buy today

Best iPad cases: Apple Smart Folio ( persona credit : Apple )

01. Apple Smart Folio

The best lawsuit for the newly iPad Air 5 ( and other models )


Materials: :


Colours: :

Black, Cyprus Green, Deep Navy, Electric Orange, Mallard Green, Pink Citrus, White

Weight: :


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Reasons to buy

+ Fits perfectly + Feels and looks great

Reasons to avoid

– No edge protection – high gear price tag While it ‘s far from bum – particularly considering it ‘s made from polyurethane rather than leather – the Apple Smart Folio is an impressive objet d’art of kit. mighty magnets hold it in rate around your iPad and it feels pleasant to the contact. We ‘ve found the Smart Folio to be perfective for propping your iPad up on your desk or postpone. The lack of edge protection might be a refer for some, but if you ‘re careful with your iPad then you ‘ll find this to be one of the best iPad cases money can buy. It ‘s a big option of case for the iPad Air 4 or the newfangled fifth coevals iPad Air which good went on sale in March, but it ‘s besides available for the iPad Pro 12.9 ( opens in newfangled pill ). ( effigy credit : Casemade ) We were disappointed to find that Apple does n’t make a leather iPad encase, but we got over it when we found this excellent offer from Casemade. Available for pretty much every holocene size of iPad, this is a gorgeous-looking case made of high-quality cowhide, designed to securely fit your iPad. It allows easy access to all your iPad ‘s external features, doubles up as a stand for typing or watching videos and provides a sleep/wake function as you open and close the case, making a convenient, useful case all round. ( trope credit : JETech ) This JETech shell looks very similar to Apple ‘s official iPad covering, but it ‘s a distribute more low-cost, making it one of the best iPad cases if you ‘re on a budget. It does n’t feel as nice or adenine well-made as the Apple casing – it ‘s decidedly a fortune more fictile in feel and we would n’t count on it lasting for years – but it ‘ll provide your iPad with a layer of protection from damage, influence as a stall and wake it up and put it to sleep when you open or close the cover. It comes in a wide choice of colours than Apple ‘s case besides. The liaison above is for the standard iPad case, but JETech besides offers cases for the iPad Air 4th and 5th generation ( opens in new tab ). ( image credit : Apple ) A little awkward with your devices ? If you ‘re constantly dropping your iPad and cracking your screens you credibly want something a little more substantial than most of the best iPad cases therefore that you can shield your beloved pill from further damage, and the OtterBox Defender should do the job for you. It ‘s a broken but low-profile casing that provides three layers of protective covering, including a solid inner shell and a hood outer slipcover. This case will easily withstand drops, bumps and shocks and even features port covers to keep out dust and dirt. naturally, it ‘ll work as a stand angstrom good. The Otterbox Defender fits the iPad 7, 8 and 9. ( image credit : Apple ) Apple ‘s Smart Keyboard Folio is an ideal shell if you ‘re in need of something that helps you to get work done on the crack. Like the Smart Folio, it attaches magnetically and provides becoming enough security, but the main feature here is the life-size keyboard that instantaneously turns your iPad into a much more generative device. It ‘s available for the 3rd gen iPad Pro 11-inch and 2020 iPad Air, and in a heftier version desirable for the 5th gen iPad Pro 12.9-inch. While there are cheaper iPad cases with keyboards to be had ( such as Logitech ‘s Folio Touch ), this offer from Apple feels barely right to us. ( prototype citation : ZUGU ) For many creatives a key consideration in picking the best iPad case is likely to be : can I even attach my Apple Pencil ? ( Almost surely followed up with : and will it still charge ? ) With the ZUGU case you ‘re doubly covered ; it features a recess holder on the spine for storing and charging your pencil, and there ‘s another holder on the back for holding it when it does n’t need a care. This premium case for the 2020 iPad Air ( there are besides iPad Pro cases ) gives you drop protection up to five feet, and it besides provides 10 magnetically-secured view angles when you ‘re using it as a point of view. ( image credit : catalyst )

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07. Catalyst Waterproof iPad Case

The best iPad case for complete protective covering against the elements

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Not stated


Stealth Black, Red



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Reasons to buy

+ IP68 waterproofing + drop security + Screen defender included

Reasons to avoid

– express Pencil compatibility If the OtterBox Defender mentioned above is n’t quite doing it for you in terms of protective covering and you ‘re in need of waterproofing, your best bet is the Catalyst rainproof case. Almost ampere expensive as the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, the main benefits of this character are drop security of up to four feet and IP68 waterproofing, which means your iPad should survive in up to two metres of water. It ‘s easy to fit and comes with its own blind defender ; hold in thinker though that if you use a pencil it wo n’t pair or charge through this case, so it ‘s one you ‘ll probably want to keep for when you ‘re taking your iPad out and about.

( trope credit : ProCase ) Quite a few of the cases featured here overlook the iPad Mini, but if that ‘s your prefer size and you need something to give it some protection without bulking it out excessively much, we think the ProCase is the perfect choice for you. It ‘s made of ABS material that ‘ll help your Mini to withstand bumps, scratches and shocks adenine well giving it a cover girl tactile texture. Like most of the best iPad cases, it attaches magnetically and provides a wake/sleep have when you open and close. This case besides gives you double standing positions so that you can choose between two viewing angles when using the ProCase as a base. Related articles:

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