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In this tutorial, I share my best tips for installing invisible wefts and customizing hair extensions for clients with thin, fine hair. For more from @donnabellahair, visit For more information, visit Instagram: Facebook: TIKTOK: Learn How To Style Your Hair: Pinterest: HairB&B IG Rebel Femme Model Call

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Invisible weft hair extensions with Kera-links [CUSTOM HAIR EXTENSIONS FOR FINE & THIN HAIR]
Invisible weft hair extensions with Kera-links [CUSTOM HAIR EXTENSIONS FOR FINE & THIN HAIR]

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Invisible weft hair extensions with Kera-links [CUSTOM HAIR EXTENSIONS FOR FINE & THIN HAIR].

track hair extensions.

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48 thoughts on “Invisible weft hair extensions with Kera-links [CUSTOM HAIR EXTENSIONS FOR FINE & THIN HAIR] | Summary of the most detailed track hair extensions content

  1. chillz fan says:

    It’s a shame the hair stylist will tell you no no these don’t cause damage. I have never seen anyone with damage from hair extensions. Meanwhile I know she is lying because she is making a living being a manipulative person. It’s a known fact coming out the mouths of hair extensions creators themselves that they cause damage. They will say a little bit of damage but that’s a lie

  2. Salontodd Hair Extraordinaire says:

    Hi Mirella Minelli! thanks for such a great tutorial!!! what do you recommend for me to get started
    tools, beads etc

  3. Kel McG says:

    Thanks for the great education. The way you pre-clipped yo ur double
    Weft on top was a great idea. The whole thing looked top notch. Thanks again.

  4. Angelica Checa says:

    Español por favor, alguien que lo hable, y algún video cada vez que ustedes puedan, yo las sigo desde México, gracias

  5. Mary Joyce Talley Singleton-McColley says:

    I would like to have this hair attachment procedure done in Katy, Texas. Where are you located and do you recommend any specific Hair Salons. Thank you for your tutorial. It's very professional.

  6. rubyxcube3 says:

    I have very fine hair, low density, and in the past tried this method but with the crimping of beads (silicone lined) and the weight of 2 wefts, and the pull created by brushing it, most of my hair just broke right off at the bead. Would you suggest trying it again with just one row of hair and crimping another row of beads for another weft?

  7. ✨Iris✨ says:

    You’re amazing! I have the same problem right now in the front. I’ve a lot of shedding due to COVID, and I am resorting on extensions to keep the full look until my own hair grow out again. I like the wefts, but it’s impossible to put them all the way to front hairline, for the reasons you’ve mentioned. W was actually looking for a video that would show a hybrid installation like this! Thank you so much!!!!!! 🙏🏼♥️

  8. Griselda Rodriguez says:

    Hi, thank you so much, could you please make a new video on the singles, the prep, thank you again ❤️

  9. w Rin says:

    Wow you are an AMAZING TEACHER! I took the hair shop class that cost me like over 2000 dollars and I learned more in this video then I did in that three day course

  10. Anny Mo says:

    Hi there,
    I came upon your channel.
    This would be the better extentions for me.
    Where are you located?
    Thank you.

  11. Galaxy A01 Galaxy A01 says:

    the wefts were very thin and transparent at the ends. the only thing that looked good was the color!

  12. katie bear says:

    I like the keratin singles near the sides and I'll tell you why. I was doing this same way in the back, but noticed it's chunky and unpleasant on the sides when you get to the ear areas. You can't really wear ponytails and stuff with the wefts there. It's harder to manage too. Wefts should only be on the back extended right when you come close to ears. Especially when your adding extra thickness and less sections. I have 3 double weft sections for thickness. The Keretin part is what I need to change and shorten the other 3 weft sections from both left and right sides at the back. Hopefully im explaining this right lol.

  13. ginger Ginger says:

    Omg It is so annoying when they call people with sufficient hair as having fine and thin hair. I have truly fine and thin hair. Absolutely anybody could put extensions in somebody with normal density hair like what you’re working with but it takes extreme talent for somebody to work with my hair. How about showing some truly fine and thin hair. This video is a waste of my time

  14. Dana says:

    I’m definitely going to practice this soon!
    Thank u soo much for sharing us
    Ur knowledge 😍♥️

  15. 2021 says:

    What would I ask for if I try to find someone locally in the Tampa Baybarea to do this? Wish I understood what you were talking about.

  16. paigeneric1 Johnston says:

    Love your work!!! I’ve been doing hair extensions since 1998! Yikes right . I helped launch Hairlocs and all these new hair companies all went through Hairloc training then opened their own and relabeled the “method”. I have been away from wefts for awhile and wondered – can you get the weft high enough on the top to look like the underneath? Where you don’t see that part on top? I wondered how some stylist an get it to line up with the part doing it the way your doing . I can get it lined up just locking them in but adding sewing really insures they don’t slip out. Hope I’m asking a clear question.. by far your tutorial is one of the best I’ve seen thank you so much

  17. JHRC Org says:

    Seems like a lot of pull on her fine hair and scalp…. Your other method with less beads and using anker would likely be better for fine hair, no?

  18. Jamie Johnson says:

    She did a great job but I don't want my real hair actually cut during the hair extensions installation

  19. Keri Ane says:

    Amazing video! Thank you so much for sharing. Love the detail. You answered all the little questions i've had on my learning journey. Beautiful, just beautiful. Love the idea for the keratin extensions in the front.

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