Teaching Resources Most of the resources are PDF files, so you have a choice of whether to download them, or view them in your browser. Left-clicking on a masthead will normally open the file in your browser ( depending on how your calculator is set up ). Right-clicking should give you a menu, asking you if you want to download or open the file. Within a few years, we hope to have over 10,000 pages for downloading ! Welcome to the Teaching Resources Page. thus far, we have twenty-two Training Material files and thirty nine Activity Resource files. Come back frequently, because we are adding resources all the time.

trail Materials Make certain you download the Glossary before anything else. There are quite a few technical foul terms in the Guides, and the Glossary provides a reference point for most of them. Whenever you see words marked in blue, you know that you can look up its mean in the Glossary. The download flags show whether a Guide is available in Thai, English or both – if a flag is ghosted, it means that it is not available in that language however. Training Materials include Activity Guides, Training Documents and Activity Assessment Forms. Activity Guides give you step by step instructions, not merely for activities, but besides assorted drilling techniques. training Documents are used in the course of our even train, and include a train design, Practice Points, a Reflection Diary Guide, and Semester Objectives. Activity Assessment Forms are used to assess teachers ’ competence in activities and teaching techniques. Activity Guides
The words and phrases in the Glossary are used a draw in the activity guides. For convenience, the words are coloured


, so that if you see a blue term, you know that you can find its mean in the Glossary .
Team Learning is a system developed primitively by Associate Professor Maggie MacDonald from Wright State University, along with her colleague Zena Thiravithul. Maggie ’ s son was working at a school in Thailand, and complained that it was not potential to run student-centred communication activities with classes of 40-60 students. Maggie developed Team English as a system to :

  1. Motivate students through ongoing competition.
  2. Get students to work cooperatively, with strong students motivated to mentor team-mates.
  3. Get students to maintain their own discipline.

Team Learning is not an natural process itself, but a system that makes early activities work well .
For Team Learning to work well, it is very significant to take some time to set up your teams. This is very different to quickly forming teams for one game during a lesson. The team will stay together for a unharmed semester or longer, so it is much more authoritative to make grammatical teams from the beginning, who can work well together, and develop team loyalty and pride .
Line Challenge is a very thoroughly bodily process for learning vocabulary, inadequate phrases, or phonics. It can be used to practice either reading vocabulary, or plainly saying it, by identifying pictures. This Activity Guide covers identifying pictures only .
Line Challenge is always run at the like time as Team Coaching, and its main aim is to motivate the students to stay on task in Team Coaching. See the Team Coaching Activity Guide for details of that activity .
If possible, Line Challenge should be run for at least two rounds in a lesson, so that, when a team has finished the foremost round, they continue to work hard in Team Coaching. It besides helps to gives teams a bonus if they improve their scores from previous rounds .
Listen and Run is a simple, fun activity for practising listening skills for moo floor students. It can tied be used at kindergarten level .
The basic structure of Listen and Run is that the teacher calls out a son, phoneme  or phrase, and one student from each team must run and select a correspond flashcard from their team ’ second pile .
Listen and Run can be extended in versatile ways. For exercise, the teacher might call out : “ I go to the marketplace by motorbike taxi ”, and the students must first find a minibike taxi flash card, then “ ride it ” to find the market flash card .
Matching Relay is a high gear energy activeness that addresses read, listening and pronunciation skills. It simulates substantial life by putting both rush and accuracy pressure on students. The fastest teams get more bonus points, but teams besides score points for correct matches. Students learn that teams that rush to finish first may not win because of poor accuracy, and that it is authoritative to balance the two .
Matching Relay is an excellent informant of feedback to both the teacher and scholar coaches, sol, if time permits, run the natural process twice, with Team Coaching sandwiched between .
Matching Relay can be used to practise many different speech points, including phonics, vocabulary, grammar and set up phrases – in fact any pairs-matching practice can be easily converted to a Matching Relay .
คู่มือการทำกิจกรรมนี้แสดงให้เห็นถึงการทำอุปกรณ์การเรียนการสอนสำหรับกิจกรรมต่างๆ และนอกจากนี้ยังเป็นอุปกรณ์ทั่วไปที่จะใช้สำหรับ

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Team Learning

Phonics 1 Vs. 2 Drilling is a very simple but powerful technique that helps students with:

  • phoneme distinctions that don’t exist in Thai (e.g. “van” Vs “wan”)
  • phonemes that are not final consonants in Thai (e.g. “bag” Vs “back”)
  • Phonics Rules (e.g. “cent” Vs “Kent”)

is a very bare but potent proficiency that helps students with :

In 1 Vs. 2 Drilling, we besides tone as a distractor. It is authoritative for students whose L1 is a tonic speech such as Thai, NOT to pay care to tone when listening to English. So 1 Vs. 2 Drilling serves two purposes :

  1. Helping students to pay attention to the phonemes that affect word meaning in English
  2. Ignoring tonal variation, which does not affect word meaning in English

1 Vs. 2 Drilling needs no special equipment other than a blackboard/whiteboard .
Phonics Bingo addresses listening skills chiefly, and includes Writing Practice during the set-up stage. It besides contains elements of Team Coaching. team Leaders coach their team-mates, beginning in writing the words, then in helping them to listen for the target words .
When most of the course can read basic CVC syllables, you can run Phonics Bingo Version 2, in which students must work individually. This provides a placid transition from collaborative teamwork to individual duty .
Phonics Dictation practices both listening and writing skills of students individually .
Students must listen and write as the teacher calls out first single phonemes, then CV blends, then CVC syllables. finally students should be able to write down words that include consonant clusters and several syllables .
Phonics Dictation is besides authoritative for practising spell rules, such as practice of ‘ ck ’ after curtly vowels .
It is besides useful for assessing your students ’ progress. Data from Phonics Dictation activities will help you make decisions about how fast to progress, and which activities to prioritise in approaching lessons .
Phonics Drilling is like to other traditional teacher-centred techniques. however, alternatively of getting students to recite the spell by rote, the teacher uses phonics to promote good pronunciation, american samoa well as reading .
There are three types of Phonics bore :

  • Identifying single graphemes
  • blending graphemes/phonemes into syllables
  • Using phonics to teach pronunciation and spelling of real vocabulary
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This Activity Guide deals with graphemes and blending. Vocabulary will be covered in a separate guidebook .
golden Dip is a playfulness and brawny action that promotes concerted learn angstrom well as phonics development. We can besides say that Lucky Dip is the simplest, saturated communication activity. One scholar says something ; others must listen and react somehow to what has been said .
Phonics Lucky Dip is a special form of this action that addresses reading, pronunciation, listening and spelling skills. By integrating these skills, students besides remember vocabulary better, because they can associate a give voice ’ second spell, pronunciation and intend as a unify system, preferably than person elements that must each be learned by rote .
however, an important limitation to remember is that, while lucky Dip does promote concerted determine, team leaders tend to dominate in this action. It is used to develop the team leaders ’ skills initially ; then other activities are introduced that better encourage them to mentor their team-mates .
Phonics Rain is similar to Phonics Reading Challenge, but is a much higher energy activeness. besides, unlike Reading Challenge, you can allot a fix time for it – you do not need to test every student in the class .
Like Reading Challenge, scoring for Phonics Rain is graded according to the ability of the student, which encourages more advance students to coach less advanced team-mates, preferably than take all the turns for themselves. however, in Phonics Rain, the coach aspect is much less formalistic than in Reading Challenge. Students pick cards up from around the room, then, if they need avail, they can seek out a more advanced team-mate before approaching the teacher .
Phonics Rain does take quite a bite of readiness initially, but you will find that it is worth the campaign. Don ’ thymine be afraid that you classroom seems messy in the early partially of the activity ; it is designed so that by the end, all of the materials are back in order .
Reading Challenge is run during a Team Coaching session to assess students ’ interpretation and pronunciation skills. The teacher challenges groups of students of the lapp level ( with the lapp Team English number ) to read target news natural process cards from the current unit .
Reading Challenge is very efficient for respective reasons :

  • While the teacher is challenging one group of students, the team coaches continue to drill the rest of their team-mates, so students are kept on task
  • Team coaches get instant feedback on their coaching, as their team-mates are challenged and the scores are displayed
  • The weakest students get the most coaching time before they are challenged.
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Reading Challenge is besides helpful in assessing your students ’ progress. Use datum from Reading Challenges to help you make decisions about how fast to progress through the path, which activities to prioritise in upcoming units, and which team coaches need the most mentor. Reading Challenge is rarely completed in a single lesson. Since team Coaching is so significant, and used then often, broadly merely 4, 8 or 12 students need be challenged in any one lesson. Every fourth dimension team Coaching is used, challenge one or more groups of students until you have worked through the stallion class. then begin again .
There are two forms of Reading Challenge – phonics and vocabulary. This Activity Guide covers the phonics translation, which is used while students are even learning the basic grapheme-phoneme correspondences and how to blend them into syllables. A separate Activity Guide is provided for Vocabulary Reading Challenge, which is used when students are able to apply phonics to learning regular vocabulary .
team Coaching is the single most authoritative technique you can use to develop all your students ! In most classes, only a small percentage of students pay attention, because teachers do not have enough time to give every scholar the individual attention that they need. It becomes necessary for teachers to focus on those students who are interested, and accept the fact that the lie will achieve poor people results .
Using Team Coaching, every student in the course can get the individual attention they need. however, many teachers and students struggle with Team Coaching at first, because the character of the teacher is therefore unlike to what they are used to. alternatively of teaching contented directly to the students, the teacher ’ mho function is to mentor the coaches – show them how to drill effectively, arsenic well as checking that they understand the capacity properly themselves.

Because of this, do not expect Team Coaching to be immediately successful. It may take several lessons for you and your students to adjust to the fresh environment. however, it is well worth the clock and campaign. Once Team Coaching starts to work properly, you will find that most of the students you had given up hope for, develop better English terminology skills .
barely as in football, coaches and team-mates need an approaching contest to motivate them. then team Coaching works outdo when followed immediately by competitive activities, such as Reading Challenge, Matching Relay or Phonics Dictation .
team Coaching has many forms. This guide covers Phonics Drilling and Phonics Dictation, but with a little imagination, about any whole-class drilling proficiency or action can be adapted to take advantage of the more intensive know that Team Coaching provides to individual students .

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