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You have two options :
Option 1: Tweak your existing code
Consider caching the menu item ID at the begin of your foreach() loop and rather of using functions like the_title() and the_content() use the equivalent functions that accept a page/post ID as an argument. Something like : $post_id = $item->object_id; should work, then you can use get_the_title($post_id);. If each individual page is meant to be visible on its own then this is your best count. If not, keep reading…

Option 2: Create a more intuitive one page structure
It ’ south been my experience that this structure isn ’ metric ton always intuitive for clients to manage. They ’ ra bounced back and forth between multiple pages and even some rather understanding clients have trouble efficaciously managing the page structure using WP ’ s menus. It besides adds overhead because you need to setup at least one template_redirect to ensure visitors can not view each page individually.

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My solution to this has been to use Advanced Custom Fields to plainly create multiple sections within one WordPress page. If each incision contains more than a few customs fields then it looks much uninfected with ACF ’ s built in tab key fields :

It eliminates any potentially surly rewrites and gives clients the ability to manage a single page worth of content precisely where they expect it to be : on the Home/Front/Index Page, rather of bouncing between multiple pages and seafaring menus.

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The downside to option 2 is that it lacks some tractability, but you could easily compensate for that by creating a repeating firearm field with the check value or a custom field within each tab called “ Sort Order ” which would function much like WordPress ’ s native Sort order when you run your loop to output the tab key ’ content .
This leaves one defect : the customer won ’ triiodothyronine be able to add a modern section on their own. In my opinion, this is plainly the cost of doing business and commissioning a custom-made site—that is, if they want to add extra sections they will need to hire you again ( or another dev ). So it ’ s not 100 % harass unblock for them, but it ’ s not the goal of the worldly concern for you since it could mean future work down the road .
There are besides some SEO considerations with your method because it could be seen as a electric potential sitemap hack. I.e., by creating multiple pages you ’ re tricking search engines into thinking your site is larger than it actually is. sophisticated crawlers like Google will notice that when they crawl the individual pages and are redirected .

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