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Are flared leggings back? First we lost skinny jeans to gen z, now I think skinny leggings are out too and yoga pants are back! I’ve tried on tons of super popular flared leggings from brands like Splits 59, Serie, Athleta, Amazon and more! So what do you think, are you team leggings or team yoga pants? Disclaimer: I receive commissions for purchases made through certain links and codes included in this description. Featured Items: Aerie OFFLINE Real Me High Waist Flare Leggings: Athleta Elation Flare Pants: Bubblime Yoga Pants Amazon (Amazon): Splits59 Raquel High Waist Flare Leggings: Amazon Afitne (Amazon) Yoga Pants: High Waist Flare Leggings Musesonly Bar: Timestamps: 0 :00 Intro 1:50 Aerie Criss Cross Flare Leggings 5:31 Athleta Flare Pants 8:34 Amazon Bubblime Yoga Pants 11:11 Splits59 Racquel High Waisted Flare Leggings 15:15 Amazon Afitne 17: 42 Musesonly ME Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: Facebook Group: Website: MY MEASUREMENTS Chest: 29″, 73 cm Bust: 35″, 89 cm Bra Size: 32 DDD (70F EU Size (Widest Part ) Thigh: 22.5 in, 57 cm Calf: 15.5 in, 39 cm Inseam: 30.5 in, 77.5 cm Torso: 65 in, 165 cm (measured in a loop) Height: 5’9″, 175 cm Weight: approx 150 lbs / 68 kg (changes all the time tbh) LINKS AND CODES Buffbu nny: use code Alphalete “KATHRYN”: use code “KATHRYN” Kamo Fitness: “Kathryn” Colorfulkoala: “kath2021” 10% off Tier Activewear: “kath” 10% off Eby: “kathryn15 ” with a 15% discount Nepoagym code “KATH2” (2% discount on 1-2 pieces) Code “KATH6” (6% discount for orders of more than 3 items) Code “KATH8” (8% discount for orders over 5 items) Code “KATH10” (10% off for orders over 7 items) Nepoagym (AliExpress): * * More codes! **Yvette (High Support Sports Bra): “Kathryn15” 15% Off Sitewide & “Kathryn20” 20% Off Orders Over $109 Shop My Amazon Store:

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I Tested ALL the Flare Leggings so You Don't Have To!
I Tested ALL the Flare Leggings so You Don't Have To!

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I Tested ALL the Flare Leggings so You Don't Have To!.

v back leggings.

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44 thoughts on “I Tested ALL the Flare Leggings so You Don't Have To! | Summarize the content related to v back leggings the most complete

  1. Bella Marquis says:

    Feel like the “flared leggings” are different from yoga pants. The yoga pants had to fold over bit which didn’t look good under a tight shirt, and wasn’t fitted if you didn’t fold them. And they’re more flared than most regular yoga pants. But those pink yoga pants will always have my heart lmaooooo

  2. Céline Mara says:

    I graduated from high school in 2018 and throughout my high school journey i only wore flare leggings because they were too comfy alongside my Skechers shoes 😂😂 I am not mad its trending now as i chose them for school because of comfort🚶‍♀️😂

  3. Sarah Lennox says:

    well. I'm still going to wear leggings. idc lol they stay.
    but also, I fucking love flare anything, they look great on me and I NEVER stopped wearing them.

  4. Crocat Corner says:

    Omg I just got flare leggings from Aerie, and I’m in love! (They fit well, but are a little bit too long. I thing they have an option for short as well, which I probably should have gotten.)

  5. C H I D E R A says:

    Fully skinny leggings or pants always makes me feel suffocated
    So I’ve always loved bell bottom anything

  6. Jessie Lynne says:

    As a women with big thighs I always avoided flared pants. They make my thighs bigger. They look cute tho

  7. Robin White says:

    Never followed a trend in my entire life. I am not stressed about my clothes or whether they are in fashion.

  8. Allison Entmeier says:

    Can you please do an Elevated Mindset Apparel leggings review?! Decent price and cute styles

  9. Christina Gafar says:

    I say "bootcut", which are my absolute favorite style of pants yoga or jeans so thank you!!!!!

  10. Rachel Doane says:

    Whatever they are called they should be burned because they are flattering on NO IONE. 😂

  11. jzsn says:

    The unique feature that drew me to splits59 was their flare leggings that only flare out just at the bottom so it's fitted all the way and not baggy pass the knee as you can see all the other brands are loose and wrinkly pass the knee. It actually look very sexy on you.

  12. India Rose says:

    I use to wear these in middle school all the timeeeee. Hate them now! I've progressed to wide leg trousers/lounge pants. They just look so effortless and chic!

  13. Kayleigh Sides says:

    You are a bigger size than you think you are you should probably size up in your leggings cause looks like a 5 year old could fit in them

  14. purpleroomgirl says:

    honestly if you look online i love the ones from Old Navy really affordable, cute, and go on sale a lot tbh.

  15. Michelle Lew says:

    All I'm saying is that once you wear pants that let your calves breathe… you'll understand the hype 🤷

  16. jaslifestylexo🌊⚡️ says:

    i loooove flare leggings so much they look so good styled with air force 1 and a cardigan 😘 chef’s kiss

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