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Adore Semi Permanent


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Hello everyone! Watch me dye my hair burgundy with Adore’s semi-permanent dye! I have always loved the color burgundy, I make sure to incorporate it into my braids that I do once a year! I wanted to do my own version of the color because I wanted to achieve the burgundy color I had in mind lol come on! 🦋🦋 Check out my other videos 🦋🦋 My hair porosity has changed! New Hair Regime Tips & Tricks Watch me do an Aztec clay mask for the first time – watch me dye my hair from bright red to sienna brown! Transforming my old wash and going into a braided BANGING! How I do my wash and go: How I stretch my wash and go! ⭐️💫 Subscribe to my channel 🙃 Products used: Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color Background music: Music promoted by TAKE CARE By Julián Ávila Contact me! 🙂

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I Mixed These 2 Colors To Get The Perfect Burgundy!!|Adore Semi Permanent| Natural Hair
I Mixed These 2 Colors To Get The Perfect Burgundy!!|Adore Semi Permanent| Natural Hair

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I Mixed These 2 Colors To Get The Perfect Burgundy!!|Adore Semi Permanent| Natural Hair.

adore burgundy envy.

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32 thoughts on “I Mixed These 2 Colors To Get The Perfect Burgundy!!|Adore Semi Permanent| Natural Hair | Summary of documents related to adore burgundy envy the most detailed

  1. peggy ward says:

    It's REALLY CUTE 😍 I need to try this mixture. Mine didn't turn out so well. I did notice how well it made my curls pop too tho…. 😊

  2. Kay Kay says:

    I have mid back length hair and I'm 44 now and have a clump of gray hair coming out of my soft spot right in the front of my head. 😩😩 Over the past two years I have cut two braids out removing my crochet myself so my hair is completely uneven but it's hidden when my hair is down but I know it's there. I've been thinking about cutting my hair in a short bob and I want to dye it. This video was very helpful. Before I cut my hair off I want to color it the way you showed me with this temporary color so that I can rock a perm rod set but I'm definitely going to cut my hair in near future and color it many different colors of Adore. This video was very helpful to me because I researched how to color your hair with Adore temp color. I already have four packs of Orange cold rods and my honey milk hair foam so all I need to do is color it and rock those curls for just a few weeks or so and then I'm going to cut it. Thank you for this video! 😊 Can't wait to rock a short cut with purple hair. 🤗🤗🤗

  3. M Esther says:

    ohhh it looks beautiful…does anybody know what i can get mixing rich eggplant and crimson?…

  4. Viv Veene says:

    May I ask what is the name of that brush you are using to put the color in your hair? Awesome video.

  5. Ms Stacie Lee says:

    Sis! Absolutely gorgeous!! Your hair is bomb af! 🔥🥰 I think I would have used intense red and egg plant by adore but your adore combo was gorg too!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Mrs Lovely Valdez says:

    I’m doing this !!!! 😍😍 so all I need is the two colors and that’s it? Don’t have to add any other chemicals?

  7. DaniiellaR says:

    I will definitely be trying out these two colours to dye my locs! Your hair came out amazing!!

  8. angela shabazz says:

    I liked that color on your hair before you colored it what was that color called or combo you put together to achieve that color thanks

  9. Tyra B says:

    A less exspensive way to achieve this color or extremely similar.. (I previously colored mine, & may again).. it is called " berry burgandy", by dark & lovely.

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