I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube In Apple Red Review

I ‘M meme I ‘m Multi Cube. As Hi guy ! I know my blog post schedule has been messed up recently and one apologize for it. I am always looking for a good compress and multi-tasking products and recently I came across the. As Jolse have recently introduced the I’M MEME stigmatize into their stores and I am so glad that they did as I truly like the concept of their products and was always curious so I finally Give a shoot to the Multi Cube to see if It ’ sulfur worth the concept and ballyhoo .


 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube

A multi cube containing a 4-color eyeshadow palette create your casual makeup barely in 5 steps. Cute design and portable size allow you to fix your constitution anytime anywhere. Step 5 can be used as a buttock makeup.

To create the look you can follow the number mentioned on the shadows. These cubes palette came I five different variants which help in creating the daily to the dramatic look. You get the 8.5g of product in these cube palettes. I have chosen the one from which I think anyone can get the more looks out of and is quite different. The color I have chosen is the no. 4 All about the apple red.

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 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube Instructions 

not mentioned .


Review on I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube

As common, starting with the packaging I was a little surprise as I thought it is going to a little big at least the size of a shock absorber treaty but it is in truth bantam which is a adept in a lawsuit it is easy to carry about and actually the size of the pans are pretty decent. The modest compendious palette contains the two layers, the top one has the four shadows while the depressed layer has one shade which can be used american samoa eyeshadow arsenic well as a cheek color, not to forget that this bantam palette besides contains the mirror angstrom good. I choose the All about Apple Red because of the semblance survival honestly and the diagnose is so appealing to me. I love the fact that it actually has beautiful red shadow and red as a good rouge is what I think is hard to create .

SHADE NO. 1 ROSE BEIGE: This is more a dry rose tad which is very beautiful as a base and for daily use. It has the matte finish up.

SHADE NO. 2 GLITTER BRONZE: this is a beautiful glitter apparition which does not have much of a base color and glitter is multi-dimension which gives a besotted look.

SHADE NO. 3 NETTY BROWN: It ’ s a beautiful matte embrown which is neutral and helps in defining the eye form.

SHADE NO. 4 GLITTER SCARLET: It has an orange satin base with the aureate and loss glitter in it. not vitamin a aglitter as a Glitter bronze.

SHADE NO. 5 BERRY RED: The main and the brightest discolor in the pallette, it a flatness bolshevik color which is actually a multi-purpose intersection hera. It feels a little patchy vitamin a good .

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 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube packaging

 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube

 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube in Apple Red

 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube Review

 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube

 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube contains five shades in total

 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube eyeshadow + blusher

indeed In this Multi cube you get the three flat and two glitter complete shadows. Shade no.1 and no.3 can be defined as the casual basic colors which are buttery, does not have fall out and does blends well. The shade no 5. Which is besides a cheek color is quite drying on tint but blends nicely. It is not very pigmented so I think if one needs to create the bright red eye look you have to build it up which can take time. The shade no. 5 works bang-up as a bloom arsenic well, I was scared as it seems dying but it glides on well and is not patch at all. For the founder ’ s I will recommend using the Duo fiber brush then that you didn ’ thyroxine apply excessively a lot at once. The shimmers shades are superintendent easy as well and it blends well but they applied best with the fingers. I have noticed that with the brush you can ’ thymine get the commodity sum of pigmentation. The eyeshadows last for 6-8 without fuse before they start fading. The only downside of the shade no. 2 glitter bronze and shade no. 4 glitter red is that the glitter does not adhere very well to the skin but overall it is a beautiful trace which I have been using the most.

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 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube In Apple Red Closeup

 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube In Apple Red Closeup

 I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube In Apple Red Swatches

multi cube , its compact, have the nice color selection and overall quality is not bad. overall I love the concept of thisits compact, have the nice color choice and overall quality is not badly. I’m multi cube by I ’ megabyte MEME is great for traveling. All of the shadows are buttery and easy to work with except for the nuance no.5 berry red which feels drying. personally, I am felicitous with my shade survival and this is something which is short different so far functional. I am glad that I tried this multi block from I ’ M MEME and looking forward to trying early products from their sword. possibly I will get another color from this multi cube. Have you guys tried their eyeshadows or Multi cubes yet ? Let me know your think on I ’ M MEME constitution .

 I’M MEME is available at JOLSE now!

I ’ M MEME products are available at Jolse right now sol is this I’m Multi Cube

NOTE: The products may works differently on your skin as we all have different skin type and skin requirements. The product is provided for the review purpose but all opinions are my own and are unbiased.

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