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HOW TO use transfer foils | Dior Transfer Foils | Press On's | Acrylic Nails

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HOW TO use transfer foils | Dior Transfer Foils | Press On's | Acrylic Nails.

dior nail foil.

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10 thoughts on “HOW TO use transfer foils | Dior Transfer Foils | Press On's | Acrylic Nails | Overview of the knowledge about dior nail foil the most detailed

  1. Nailed2TheHustle says:

    Hey babes! I’m uploading all week long so let me know what you all would like to see in some future videos! We’re almost at 700 so I’ll be doing the Q&A REAL soon. Make sure you leave some questions down below for me. muah! 😘

  2. Roze318 says:

    Great video. These turned out nice. I might have missed it in the video but how long do you cure your foil gel for?

  3. Raven1303 says:

    Beautiful set. I did my nails with the exact same foils last week for my birthday set. Lol. I love all the different colours of them. 💕✨. Xx

  4. impressed_by_design_nails 💅🎨 says:

    What efile do u use and recommend? I have the melody susie the one the has the switch and dial on the cord…I think it only goes to like 15 or 16k rpms!!! I'm in the market for a good one but cant afford no 200 or 300.00 drill!!!

  5. NailsByShae says:

    I gotta do a set like this with milky white or a spring set with the ones I got from you ooo I can’t wait def gonna get this bit

  6. Exotica's Empire says:

    Awesome job as always luv keep it up I would like to see you do some money nails but put your own spin on it don't do anything you've seen online you have a very creative mind and I want to see you let it work for you with your own unique style be different from the rest luv thanks for sharing and showing much love always💅💕💕💕

  7. April Shorty says:

    These turned out really cute and a way to not get wrinkles is to lay it down on half of the nail and do that side then press down on the other side and transfer, I forgot who gave me that tip but it really works.

  8. Debrashaun Simmons says:

    Very cute with the shorties. I can't believe that there are ppl who haven't seen or done milk bath nails. You are amazing and I thank you for sharing this video 💅🏾💕

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