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Beardbrand Store: Instagram: Twitter: DESCRIPTION We are finally here after a month! Today I’m going to show you how to trim the neckline to have a slimmer beard. I’ll also be shaving my cheek lines to create clean, crisp lines to really show off the angles of my hair. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS SHAVING THE BEARD: Wet Shave Tutorial 3 Things To Prepare Your Face For A Beard | YEAR WEEK 1 How to deal with beard density and speed of growth problems | YEAR WEEK 3 ABOUT BEARDBRAND Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that helps keep men growing by providing education and tools for bearded urban men to master their morning routine. We’ve found that trust starts with a personal investment and empowers men to do great things for their families, colleagues and communities. We strive to break negative stereotypes surrounding men with beards and show the world that it’s the man that counts, not how he looks. BEARDBRAND SOCIAL MEDIA SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL CONTRIBUTE TO THE CHANNEL

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How to Trim a Neck Line for Your Beard | YEARD WEEK 4
How to Trim a Neck Line for Your Beard | YEARD WEEK 4

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How to Trim a Neck Line for Your Beard | YEARD WEEK 4.

jack fashion male grooming lifestyle.

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41 thoughts on “How to Trim a Neck Line for Your Beard | YEARD WEEK 4 | All knowledge related to jack fashion male grooming lifestyle most complete

  1. TheManCave says:

    When should you trim your beard neckline and shape your cheek line? I do mine on day 40 is that correct?

  2. Jay Owens says:

    If you read this I care about you enough to tell you that you have sinned against a Holy God and because of that you are under condemnation and will endure God’s wraith if you do not come to know and believe in His son Jesus Christ who died on the cross so the door to have your sins forgiven could be open and you receive salvation as a free gift you will suffer for all eternity turn from your sinful ways and live a life that is appealing to the Lord and brings Him Glory you don’t have all the time in the world tomorrow is not guaranteed

  3. Kian says:

    Ur too gassed of it urself. It’s not even sharp. U haven’t cleaned up ur cheek bones properly and u should of went higher on the neck line cos rn it looks like u gained a few pounds. So go higher on the neck line just below ur jawline to look sharp and makes u look more healthy

  4. Ryan Danforth says:

    He's trimming it way too low on the neckline. The line should be right where the head connects to the neck.

  5. MizzouPatriot 88 says:

    The hair on one side of my cheek and jaw grows upward while the other side grows downward but have been using beard oil and the hair on that side has already started to soften and grow downward like the other side. Never used beard oil in the past but lemme tell you it definitely works wonders it has actually given me piece of mind knowing the hair has already started training to grow the correct direction. Maybe I can resist shaving it off now. Beard oil beard oil beard oil…What it's all about.

  6. Baba Yaga says:

    I've noticed a lot of dislikes on a lot of beard videos, what's up with the beard hate, I wonder?

  7. Gambetwolverine Gambetwolverine says:

    I have bought beard template will that work for neckline instead of using those methods to trim neck

  8. Sampe 94 says:

    But if you grow a yeard the rule is no touching, right? I will grow my yeard without touching it. Just balm, oils and wash

  9. PalloneWafer says:

    His cheek line is almost under his eyes… He looks like Gambit or other 90s superheroes…

  10. Fox Die says:

    Anyone else feel like that first month of growing out your beard is the hardest? It took me years to finally just say fuck it and let it grow past a month, after about 5 weeks it looks so much better.

  11. iggypopisgod9 says:

    I just use clippers for all grooming. The addition of a straight razor and cream seems unnecessary imho.

  12. RM G says:

    What is the best thing to make your beard look better? Try going to the gym and adding some muscle.

  13. David Caballero says:

    I think you should have left the beard untouched without any trim or shave was coming in perfect

  14. Darktronzip says:

    Finally a video of how trim a mans beard. Forget all those videos of shaving all the way to your jaw line lmao

  15. Mario says:

    The hair on my chin has grown too long to see my neckline properly but to short to hold up so I can take a proper look 😭

  16. Tomas says:

    The cheek line is more easy to do but the neck line is something i was always scared to do. Thanks man , this video made it much much easier : 2 fingers and then make a semi circle curved shape. 🙂

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