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How to Tie Dye With Bleach
How to Tie Dye With Bleach

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How to Tie Dye With Bleach.

bleached green shirt.

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  1. Pillsbury Toad Baby says:

    Pro tip once you get the bleached areas to the desired color neutralize in a mix of peroxide and water this will stop the bleaching so you don't have to dry it flat.


    I have a question, I bleached my shirt in the sink, after rubber banding the sections and the bleach seeped into other areas from the sink. What can I use to 'elevate' the shirt and let it drain out without the bleach seeping into the other parts ? I have a lawn but don't trust putting my shirts on it.

  3. Lisa says:

    I can hang beleive this person isn't went gloves working with bleach. Always wear protective gloves. Bleach is very caustic. You can get chemical burns before you know it. Also eye protection. Notice how some of the bleach water splashed . Safety always comes first in a lot of these types of videos seem to forget that.

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