Top tips for balayage haircare

So your client is following all the post-balayage haircare advice above, but her color is still fading faster than it should. Why? A quick investigation can often unearth the answer: 

We ask: How does she dry her hair? Rubbing at hair with a rough towel can damage the cuticles’ ability to retain color. 

Our solution: Recommend squeezing excess moisture from hair instead, with a soft cotton blanket ideally. 

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We ask: What color is her balayage? 

Our solution: Red hair colors fade more quickly than others because the crimson pigment is larger than the rest, and therefore unable to penetrate as deeply into the hair’s cortex. It sits on the surface and, as a result, washes away faster. The answer is in regular toning and protective haircare. 

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We ask: How long did the client wait before getting her first shampoo after her balayage?  

Our solution: It’s best to wait at least 24 hours after getting hair colored to allow for the pigments to settle. Washing too early can rinse away some of the color immediately. A toner might help restore some of the lost pigments. For when the client does eventually wash their hair, recommend the Vitamino Color collection for colored hair, or the Blondifier collection for blondes. 

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We ask: Does she spend a lot of time outdoors, or has she recently been on a sun-soaked holiday? 

Our solution:
UV rays have been scientifically proven to damage hair and its ability to retain hair color. The hair will probably need a course of moisturizing balayage haircare treatments before any color is reapplied.


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