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How to sew a track for sewing braided extensions. If you don’t know how to do the braid, watch my video HOW TO DO THE FRENCH BRAID CORN ROW/TUTORIAL. I made this extra thick track using thick easy to see yarn so you can see what I’m doing. I make the track a little differently now, sewing from the outside to the middle. I will make an updated video soon. ***CHECK MY WEBSITE FOR AVAILABLE COURSES*** I sold Glo Salon and now freelance my own studio! I am very excited! Here’s all my new info: Nikki Hair Extensions Santa Rosa, CA

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How To Sew On A Track Hair Extensions – Beginners

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How To Sew On A Track Hair Extensions – Beginners.

track hair extensions.

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47 thoughts on “How To Sew On A Track Hair Extensions – Beginners | Covering the most complete track hair extensions content

  1. Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom says:

    I know that I am a million yrs late but great tutorial. I thought that was a real person and she fell asleep. Lol

  2. kk p says:

    Been searching forever on how to do the actual stitching method! Finally I now no how to do the finishing knot securely

  3. Christine Jolene says:

    Question, can you redo the whole video & do the whole manican head? N I want to see the full thing lol

  4. Sassylibra says:

    Who does a tutorial with their battery dying and then spend more time on how to thread a needle? Are u kidding me?

  5. Braundi619 HelloUniverse says:

    nice sew on.. next time part down the middle. both sides IN TOWARD ONE ANOTHER. you will have 2 separate braids… once those 2 sections meet, sew them together leaving a tail in the middle or sewing the ends across. A for effort.

  6. Angel Harmony says:

    I learned how to sew a track so idk why ppl complaining. She explained that when it is done on a real person that it's neater and sewn closer together

  7. MattedHairDoctors says:

    Good video, when you get ready to take sew-in extensions out.   Right after cutting the hair extensions out,  soak your hair with the TAKE DOWN remover/detangle cream.  It makes your hair easier to comb through and detangle before you shampoo.  If you have any matting or tangles from build up at your roots, it softens all of it.  No pain,  hair loss and minimal shedding! Its almost unbelievable……you have to try it next time!.  And it does not matter if you leave a style in for 6 weeks or 6 months.  Your hair is saved, moisturized and healthy.

  8. Blair Bear says:

    So when a real human is having weaves sewed into their hair, does the cornrow of hair that the weave is being sewed onto have to stay tied as a cornrow or do you undo the cornrow once u finish sewing the weave on? Thanks!

  9. Danyell Valencia says:

    How do you know when you need to tightened your Extensions. I got mine a week ago and I feel like the bottom row is loose

  10. paris 08 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share this video. I think you did a decent job!! Then for all the people complaining about your video and advise( seriously)? Why so many racial comments ridiculous. I thinkn i remember this video being about hair not your damn skin color. GET OVER yourself people and grow the hell up. Again thank you and good job girl!! 🙂

  11. no name no name says:

    I just suggest u dont double the weft as in "make it thick" . This could cause the weave not to lay flat & natural looking. Other then that u did fine. White, black, Latina wateva nice job ✌

  12. Majik says:

    U did a great job I lie doing hair and would never down someone doing a tutorial because our trying to better yourself while teaching others not sitting around criticizing like your perfect

  13. Andrea Newell says:

    I like how I can see the thread and learn better from this. I'm gonna try it on my own hair 🙂

  14. Axtraa says:

    I'm white, what does that say about me?

    I had 2 black ladies who were pleasently surprised that I could do ethnic braiding as being 'white' and wanted to try me out! Theyre own words!
    For further details check out my 'Axtraa's Channel' YouTube
    I learnt my intial ethnic cornrow skills at a London Salon.
    The rest, I was self taught and got inspiration with video's by
    Marquetta Breslin (USA) and highly recommend her.
    I'm proud of being white. Proud of helping all nationallites of any colour skin.

  15. Axtraa says:

    Many people seam to maintain the hair afterwards with products and always forget the roots themselves! They are much harder to add.
    With Beeswax, you comb from the roots to the ends for even coverage.
    Apply Synthetic hair with clients own hair and braid into a thin cornrow effect.
    At the end apply heat if synthetic hair goes pass clients own. Use clear band if necessary which is less damaging.
    Add any remaining hair braided to the above row/track for neatness and comfort for the wearer.

  16. Axtraa says:

    Never do cornrows without synthetic hair to protect clients own hair

    Use a beeswax to protect the hair from the start. It acts as a barrier from the threads being sewn onto the hair cuticles and threads will be on most of the synthetic and when out, hair in excellent condition and not dry. Also that easier to comb out natural hair which has been in for several weeks as it would normall drop out.

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