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Learn how to remove stains effectively: —————————————– — ——— ————————————— — ——— ———— Want to keep up? Register here for free: Do you want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! ————————————————– ————————————————– —– Gentleman’s Gazette Facebook: FREE E-BOOK: #howto #stainremoval #notsponsored 00:00 Introduction Thanks to Laundry Evangelist’s Laundry Camp for the many tips in this video. If you ever get a chance to visit it at the Mall of America, you should. No matter how careful a man is in his daily life with his clothes, the occasional stain is inevitable, whether it’s from a bowl of spaghetti and an impromptu tire change on the side of the road or any time spent with a small child, you are bound to find a stubborn stain at some point. Fortunately, though, stain removal doesn’t have to be a chore or involve dry cleaning. As long as you understand basic chemistry, you’re good to go. 01:10 Four basic types of stains Stains can be organic or inorganic in nature and hence can be oily or not. In other words, the four types of stains are organic, inorganic, organic oily, and inorganic oily. As an example of each, stains from living organisms, including plants, are considered organic, such as grass, blood, or red wine stains. Meanwhile, stains from man-made materials are inorganic, such as ink, solvents, or machine dust. The oily organics are things like barbecue sauce or sweat stains and the oily inorganics are usually cosmetics like lipstick. 02:15 How to get rid of stains Standard organic stains are best treated with warm water and a substance commonly marketed as an alternative to bleach in the first place. Bleach Alternative and Oxygen Bleach are brand names for a substance scientifically known as Sodium Percarbonate or SPC for short. It is the active ingredient in cleaners like Oxiclean, but while these types of commercial cleaners typically contain fillers, SPC is most effective in its pure form. To treat an organic stain, start by placing a towel on the counter. In fact, for all kinds of stains that we are going to cover, it is a good idea to lay out a clean towel. Then add some SPC, we use about 1/2 cap in a bowl of hot water and stir to dissolve completely. Next, thoroughly wet the stained area of ​​the garment in question with the mixture of hot water and SPC. Lay the garment out on the towel and gently rub the stain with a clean cotton cloth, washcloth, or towel. You can also use a clothing-safe stain brush on most fabrics, like we do here. After pretreating your stain in this way, you can wash it normally in your washing machine, and if you wish, you can also add a little more SPC directly to the washing machine drum during the washing process. Then standard inorganic stains like ink are best removed with a solvent. Isopropyl alcohol or, more technically, rubbing alcohol is best here. Although you can also use different substances like normal vodka. Applying the alcohol to the stain with a spray bottle works well, after which it can be gently blotted dry. Then wash as usual and as before you can add SPC to the machine if you wish. All grease stains, whether organic or inorganic in nature, are best treated by treating the oil first. Since oils often surround other coloring substances, we’ll consider these stains a stain sandwich that is an oil layer, a stain layer, and an oil layer. To remove the first layer of oil, fill a spray bottle with a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. Spray the oil layer on the stain, then blot. In fact, using a tint brush may work better here. Then apply a little water with laundry detergent or better yet, soap flakes and rub again to treat the main layer of the stain and for the final layer of oil spray again with your stain solution, water and vinegar and sponge or rub one last time. To finish here, you guessed it! Wash as usual with the optional SPC. With these techniques in your arsenal, stains should no longer pose a significant threat to you or your clothes and you should be able to take care of them entirely from the comfort of your own home. Which of the techniques we have presented today surprised you the most? Do you have any alternative stain removal techniques that we haven’t mentioned here? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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How to Remove Stains From Clothes At Home Better Than The Dry Cleaner
How to Remove Stains From Clothes At Home Better Than The Dry Cleaner

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How to Remove Stains From Clothes At Home Better Than The Dry Cleaner.

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    How do you remove copper stains, this is just me assuming that it is copper since the stain is green and my work space is mainly iron that Im not sure what it is
    Also if you have any knowledge about how to remove flock screen printing or flocking, that would very helpful for me

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    Does this work for blood? And would I still use hot water? I've always heard you should never use hot water on blood?

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    Be careful not to overdo it with the dish soap. If you have a bunch of stained clothing don't use dish soap and then wash it all at the same time. Dish soap is different than detergent and can damage a washer if too much of it is used

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    My son in law bought a pair of white shorts that had a black leather tag on the back. It has bled all over the shorts, leaving black and blue stains. I’ve treated & washed several times but the tag continues to bleed!😩🙄😡 please help!!!

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    Is there a deference in treatment for stains from a gel pen? Mine exploded when I didn’t recognize and I ended up putting it in my pocket.

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    My Grandfather, may his soul rest in peace, was a rather snazzy mechanic.
    He would always get oil stains on his hands, but he solved this problem with one solution: Petrol.
    He taught me that petrol almost completely dissolves inorganic oils, but he never used it on his clothes (since he liked his clothes smelling nice).
    Instead he used, you guessed it, water & White vinegar.
    So thank you Gentleman's Gazette for giving me that nostalgia.

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    How do I remove an intense pink dye from a short that used to be beige with blue and green flowers?
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    I used Puracy stain remover for a long time & it's good ! But , then, a You Tuber (Jennifer Cook) said Dreft baby detergent makes an excellent stain remover. I tried it & she's right. It makes sense. Babies create all sorts of stains.

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    oh and for underarm stains, the hydrogen peroxide works really well too. If they are really bad you may need to up the volume of the peroxide from 10 vol to 15 vol or 20 volume. let it sit overnight. some clothes that are colorfast should be checked to see if this method takes any color out if it. It doesn't on most fabrics but you should test it if you're concerned.

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    As a dry cleaner i can say that these are very good and useful tips to remove the stains But ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS..a lot of customers come to me asking to remove the stains that they made it worst by watching and trying some stain removing tips on YouTube.

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    SPC reaction gives H202 (and therefore next 02). I have a permanent marker stain on white shirt, and I have already 9% solution of H202 that unfortunately doesn't work. So… will SPC paste work, or do I need some regular bleach?

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    Hey gentlemen. I am stuck with crusty deodorant buildup in armpits. I tried socking the garment in white vinegar or bleaching powder, I even tried chlorine bleach without success. Any ideas please.

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