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Using the basic colors (or primary colors) yellow, red and blue, with the addition of white and brown, let’s see together how to mix acrylic colors: – Burnt Sienna – Raw Sienna – Yellow Ocher – Deep Naples Yellow – Naples Yellow clear – Gold I use acrylic colors “Amsterdam” from the manufacturer Royal Talens. I show you the names of the individual colors and where to buy them: – Titanium White – Primary Yellow (or Light Azo Yellow) – Pyrrole Red – Ultramarine Blue (or Cobalt Blue) – Burnt Shadow You can train with the brand of colors I eat and different ones too shades of yellow, red and blue. However, to make the tutorial easier to follow, I recommend using the same art supplies that I use. Buy “Amsterdam” acrylic colors directly here: See also all the art supplies I use for painting: I hope you like the video and it helps you. Feel free to comment. You can suggest me some particular colors and in the next videos I will show you how to mix them. Keep practicing. Best wishes. patrick ezekiel

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How to mix acrylic colors: Sienna, Yellow Ocher, Gold, Naples Yellow
How to mix acrylic colors: Sienna, Yellow Ocher, Gold, Naples Yellow

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How to mix acrylic colors: Sienna, Yellow Ocher, Gold, Naples Yellow.

light sienna color.

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  1. Eily fly says:

    I'm struggling with painting " van gogh's sun flower "( ,but I think all this yellowes will help me. Thank u

  2. PEACE says:

    Looking forward to trying this out! I’m so tired of running out of raw sienna 😩 I am learning to paint using acrylics. I use raw sienna a lot for skin tones and various things. I need to learn how to mix paint properly because I think I will save a lot of money. Thank you for your video it’s so helpful

  3. xpanesa says:

    Hi, do you know how to make a raw umber a burnt umber? πŸ˜₯ what color should I add to make raw umber a burnt umber? Thank you.

  4. Alfredo Alonso says:

    I've never seen anyone that mixt so hard with a pallet knife.!!!
    Looks like you are butchering a pig!

  5. FURIOUS TV says:

    You really go hard. I was taught not to mix paints too thoroughly. I've only used a plastic knife. You are the paint mixing dj! What i this a drama, a horror, a comedy, a thriller. I only wanted to know what naples yellow looks like and I had to watch this video. When I finally had the patience I was pleasantly surprised because I have all of the colours on the way. The other video on naples yellow acrylic is by a girl who already had it! Now I even know how they make those colours. Maybe you should talk in your video? I endured to watch you make gold. Maybe I wasn't by now paying full attention to how you move the paint, but I was surprised to see you go to blue and red. What is your pallete made of?

  6. Kaiser Semmerl says:

    dear Patrick!

    I have a question! What color do I have to mix with light gold (Acryl and very light) to get bronze-gold? Brown?
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart πŸ™‚


  7. Maddalena says:

    Ciao Patrick, auguri per la tua salute…che tu possa ritornare presto con i tuoi magnifici tutorialπŸ€—

  8. Esra Yildiz says:

    Ma sentiamo la tua nostalgia πŸ™‚ aspetto con ansia i tuoi nuovi video e dipinti, saluti con tanto affetto…

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