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For full written instructions, information on substitutions, scale information, shelf life, and links to all the ingredients and equipment I used, visit FORMULA Hot Water Phase 20 .41g | 20.41% distilled water 30g | 30% rose water 20g | 20% vegetable glycerin Heated oily phase 5.5g | 5.5%BTMS-50 7g | 7% sweet almond oil 5g | 5% Refined Shea Butter 4g | 4% argan oil 3g | Cupuaçu butter 3% 2g | Refined Cocoa Butter 2% 1g | 1% Cetearyl Alcohol Refrigerant Phase 0.1375g | 0.14% Vitamin E Oil 0.15g | Scented oil lemon slices 0.15% 0.3 g | 0.3% allantoin 0.5g | 0.5% liquid germall plus 1g | 1% Polyquaternium 7 For more information on the ingredients I used (including why they are used, substitutions, shelf life, etc.), see the Humblebee & Me Encyclopedia on Background Music Composed by Chris: (THANK YOU!! !) Sign sign up for my FREE BEGINNERS SKIN CARE COURSE: My Book! Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skincare Blog: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: #humblebeeandme #stubbornlyDIY #DIYbodyconditioner #BeeBetter Humblebee & Me is an Amazon Associate and earns qualifying purchases.


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How to Make DIY Argan Rose In-Shower Body Conditioner
How to Make DIY Argan Rose In-Shower Body Conditioner

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How to Make DIY Argan Rose In-Shower Body Conditioner.

basic cuticle blending lotion.

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22 thoughts on “How to Make DIY Argan Rose In-Shower Body Conditioner | Summary of knowledge about basic cuticle blending lotion most detailed

  1. Michelle R says:

    Love this so so much!! I made some in shower lotion bars a while back and while I LOVED how amazing they made my skin feel I did not love their texture/application. So! This will be the perfect switch😊Thanks so much☮️💟

  2. Cindy Robinson says:

    Hi Marie. Would centrimonium chloride be a safe alternative to the polyquaternium 7 as I do not have that or honeyquat? It is a cationic conditioner, but I’m not sure if the viscosity is the same or if that would make a difference even. Thank you for your wonderful videos!

  3. MegaBufbuf says:

    Marie hi! I have a question, I live in Turkey and I cannot find most of the ingredients in here. But my boyfriend will be in London tomorrow and i'd like to purchase something but my budget is limited, what should I buy, a preservative, an emulsifier is the first thing that come in to my mind but is there any other essential ingredient that I can use in most of your recipes?

  4. Gnome Beard says:

    Do you ever use Phenoxyethenol SA? INCI: Phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid, caprylyl glycol. Sometimes it's marketed as Opiphen Plus.

  5. Natalie Simpkins says:

    Marie, would you be able to include what your products look like when used the way they’re supposed to? Like with this cream, using it wet so we can see the texture and consistency?

  6. Support Department says:

    hello. been following you and this is my first time to ask: what’s the substitution for cupua u butter? it’s not available here in the philippines.

  7. Tracy D says:

    Because of you I fell in love of hydrosols. I always used EO oil because it’s more concentrated but I since changed the way I formulate lately. I love to use them in face mists as well. So simple and feels good on the face.

  8. jennasaisquoi73 says:

    The last time I purchased from Lotioncrafter, they were all out of liquid Germall Plus. I purchased the powdered Germall Plus and wondered if anyone can recommend usage rates and/or formulation tips.

  9. Deborah Hemsworth says:

    Hi Marie, is there any chance you could maybe do a dry shampoo for in between washes, thanks. x

  10. Thavy Lor says:

    Another awesome video!! Thank you so much. Can this be used as a regular body lotion without having to rinse off? I slipped in the shower once along time ago. That time I used Clarin after shower oil and rinsed off with cold water (that is their way of using body oil in shower). I stopped using any oil in shower ever since. It was a scary fall, though wasn't painful.

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