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Here, a sign manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the field and 12 years of experience in selling and developing LED products for the signage industry explains how you can create a custom LED neon sign with LED Neon. Flex. You will need the following: Acrylic panel (between 5mm and 10mm thick) with your CNC cut design, approximately 3.5mm deep and 6mm wide. LED Neon Flex – We use 6mm white neon wire with a 10mm cut point: Tinning Wire – Super strong and fast adhesive. We use MitreBond – Ferrules to seal the ends of neon wires (flexible freeform neon – see part 1 of our tutorial here. Thanks for watching! Spectron LED Ltd

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How to Make a Neon Sign LED Part 2 (feat. CNC Cut Back Panel)
How to Make a Neon Sign LED Part 2 (feat. CNC Cut Back Panel)

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How to Make a Neon Sign LED Part 2 (feat. CNC Cut Back Panel).

chanel neon sign.

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47 thoughts on “How to Make a Neon Sign LED Part 2 (feat. CNC Cut Back Panel) | Cover the most detailed information chanel neon sign

  1. fsballer says:

    Thank God for a detailed explanation! This was awesome. Not just some fast moving video with crappy music! I’ve subscribed!

  2. Doug Trader says:

    Thank you so much for your insight. Your video is very well done and the sign looks amazing.
    I had a couple of questions. I am planning to make a beautiful sign for Jesus as part of our Christmas decorations. You inspired that decision a few months ago when I stubbled upon this video. I have nearly all the info I need but I curious about how much larger should the acrylic be than the lettering. I imagine that will have to do somewhat with the size of the sign and I expect the letters to each be about 16 inches (40 cm) tall and the sign to be roughly 4' x 4' (122cm x 122cm) As you can imagine I want it to look great but cannot afford to make it twice. Can you give me some insight into how the width of the surrounding acrylic will impact the way it looks?
    Also what steps can I take to minimize issues with the wet weather in a climate where temperatures get close to zero ( -17 Celcius)

  3. Gauss says:

    hello, a question, what kind of wire do you use to connect the led strips? I guess it's copper, but what thickness?

  4. DSB DIGITAL says:

    Do you all use adobe illustrator to get the outline for the shape of acrylic for neon sign? How does that work exactly

  5. Camilla Walters says:

    Stupid quest but im new new at tryin! After u attach the dc connector that do you plug it in to do we hav to put a plug on it?? Sorry im confused

  6. 91rickstar says:

    @Spectron LED hi is this just a super glue “CA” and a activator it’s really hard to get that product in Australia can I use Soudal it’s a 2C adhesive with aerosol activator

  7. sharo burhan says:

    Great work you're doing, but i have a question, what size of acrylic sheet are you using I'm guessing it's a 4mm? Is it?

  8. M K says:

    Wow, brilliant video.
    I've clicked the link for the 5mm but no product showing? 🤔
    Do you have another link?
    Also what else do I need, neon led, end caps, mitre bond, tinning cable & power supply? Thanks

  9. Ralf Uicker says:

    Thank you sooo much.This was exactly what i was looking for and your way to explain things are very clear.

  10. aris nalci says:

    Hello there. İ wanted to know which neon flex u suggest to use. Any suggestions can help. İ am a starter…

  11. Diana Nakitto says:

    Hallo there may you please help me with a way I can contact you I'm interested in this and want to create it in my country

  12. Suhas Mahajan says:

    What type of Acrylic sheet do you use? a) Cast Acrylic b) Extruded Plexiglass d) Polysterene e) Polycarbonate

  13. Devang Maheshwari says:

    Hi i have a question. Can you laser cut 1mm or 0.5 mm in a 3mm acrylic sheet to fix strip into the engraving ?

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