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When it comes to 50+ fashion, we all want to look our best… we just want to break the bank doing it! Therefore, we are always looking for bargains. In this interview, 50+ fashion expert Josephine Lalwan shares some tips for being stylish on a budget. If you like to always look your best, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg every time you go shopping, this interview is for you! What do you like to buy amazing clothes, but at reasonable prices? What did you think of Josephine’s advice to be chic on a budget? Join the conversation. Get more fashion tips for women over 60 at You can read more about Josephine Lalwan on her website at

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How to Look Chic on a Budget and other Fashion over 50 Tips
How to Look Chic on a Budget and other Fashion over 50 Tips

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How to Look Chic on a Budget and other Fashion over 50 Tips.

chic at every age blog.

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13 thoughts on “How to Look Chic on a Budget and other Fashion over 50 Tips | Summary of information about chic at every age blog most detailed

  1. Carol Vialogos says:

    I don't agree that we know our style. Now retired I feel I have to decide who I want to be now. Many of us women had to dress a certain way for work and now we have the freedom to dress how we like. I find I keep experimenting and toss out things that don't feel like me now.

  2. Debbie Sparrow says:

    Where do we shop online for women over 60 I love unique pieces with a lot of lace in glitter is there an online store that you can suggest

  3. Sarah Conroy says:

    I live in Toronto, Canada but you never mention us! Still, I love your show, You cover so many useful topics! Usually TV forgets us . Mary C.

  4. LotusFlower Flores says:

    I found me a real nice name brand sold at Macy's jacket at a consignment store for $6.00 and I love it!

  5. OurHumbleLife says:

    YES! We women REALLY need to pay attention to our colours! I was in my low 50's when I learned that we have certain colours that enhance us.The wrong colours WILL be unflattering, and as one of you said, making you looked drained, washed out, sallow and even OLDER!
    The correct clothing and hair colours will even out our skin tone and brighten our features and even add a more youthful look!
    I see women in town every week who wear the wrong colours and I want so much to (lovingly) tell them how lovely they would be if they only knew about personal colour. Naturally, I don't, but it's amazing how we women don't realise that colour makes or breaks our "look".
    Margaret, I do the same as you; whether I go to a new clothes shop or a charity shop, I FIRST look at COLOUR! Next I look at the fabric and then the style. If the fabric is wrong, the item can be my exact style and I won't go near it. I won't wear plastics(nylon, polyester). I accidentally have clothing with 10%, even 25% polyester, but I now take the time to read my labels.
    Thanks, and bless you.

  6. Ilse Wenzel says:

    Margaret can you do some posts for ladies who have a short and/or thick neck
    Thanking you in advice. I love your posts

  7. Carolyn Campbell says:

    I will always go to thrift, second hand or consignment shops. I then check EBay and local FB pages – I've found some beautiful Eileen Fisher garments, Ann Taylor, Burberry. Verify the seller where possible. I invest in fundamental pieces, all classically tailored or designed trousers, overcoat, blazer, jackets or skirts, hopefully on sale! I love buying fabulous accessories that can be worn with anything! It extends the life of one's wardrobe exponentially, and helps one to stay current. Never mind the ease of travel with little luggage! Great tips. You've reminded me to pull out the absolutely fabulous dark blue camel hair overcoat which is rather too large for me at the moment and get it to the seamstress. It's exciting to see fantastically fearless women in the 70's and 80's who are putting those millennium girls to shame with colourful working wardrobes that are LIFE! Iris Apfel for one! Oxox

  8. Sherri says:

    I'm interested to know how French women feel about aging and what their approach or philosophy is to aging as women.

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