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These t-shirts are all the rage right now. They sell very well if you are a business and get a lot of compliments when you wear them. They can be unique and fun and you can show off your style with just a shirt and some bleach! STARCRAFT SOFTFLEX SISER ELECTRIC BUNNY SVG Be sure to tag me on Instagram in your photo if you make this project! @corinne_Blackstonecrafts Sign up for my e-newsletter ❤️ MY FAVORITE STUFF ❤️ VINYL SHOP USE CODE: CORINNE TO SAVE 5% SHOP MY AMAZON STORE GET A CRICUT FIND ALL MY AFFILIATE LINKS JOIN MY FAN MEMBERSHIP WEBSITES CF SVG JOIN ME ON MY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES ⭐️ MY INSTAGRAM ⭐️TIK TOK ⭐️ FACEBOOK FTC: This video is NOT sponsored. Some links may be affiliate links. ❤ ATTENTION COMPANIES: If you are a company interested in working with me, please contact

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How to layer HTV - Bleached shirt technique
How to layer HTV – Bleached shirt technique

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How to layer HTV – Bleached shirt technique.

bleached green shirt.

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49 thoughts on “How to layer HTV – Bleached shirt technique | Summary of information related to bleached green shirt the most detailed

  1. Naudja Pernell says:

    I enjoyed your video and the bunny is super cute. Question: when bleaching shirts to apply HTV, what material must the t-shirt be made of? I heard you say your shirt was 100% cotton, but I’ve also heard about shirts that should have a higher content of polyester. Is that only if you’re going to use sublimation and not HTV?

  2. Amanda Harrison says:

    Hi! How do you get the scent of bleach out? I feel like Everytime I bleach my shirts the scent is so strong after!

  3. Jennifer Tiemann says:

    Thanks for the video. What is your solution? When I bleach black shirts they turn reddish. I like how yours is white.

  4. Gracie Townsend says:

    I did several shirts with the bleach. I let them dry overnight, I was going to wash them and noticed holes. When I picked up and examined the shirts practically fell apart. Did I let them sit to long or what?

  5. Tammy Wodruff says:

    I just did a black shirt! It went all good I bleached it and then washed it. I applied my layered htv. Waited 48 hours to wash it and when I took it out of the wash the bleached area tore completely away from the shirt!!!!!! What did I do wrong?

  6. wendy parsons says:

    Every time I bleach a shirt it always scorches. I use peroxide to remove it. I always panic when this happens lol
    but I noticed yours didn't.

  7. Lorraine Lawing says:

    This helps so much. I want to ask a question, you mention that you use a 100% cotton shirt. I tried that and my bleach put a hole in the shirt. Have you had that problem???

  8. GIGI'S Custom Wood Signs says:

    Thank you for the video… I have used HTV softflex several times now and absolutely love it but when I used it for the 1st time after I bleached my shirt the vinyl came off so I redid the shirt again and wore it and when it was time to wash it and when I took out of wash the vinyl was all off once again… I used a hanes black shirt as well… I haven't had this problem with any of my shirts that I didn't bleached so do you know why this could of happened twice… HELP… I don't wanna sell shirts that will peel😳

  9. Bonnie Cantu says:

    Love your shirt, and the bunny is sooo cute!! I do have a question, I'm trying to do a shirt, and for some reason, the bleach only turns the black shirt like an orange and not the white, I am using walmart brand bleach 100%// I had tried the bleach and water, then spray with peroxide and it just turned the shirt a light black..

  10. Anastacia Juarez says:

    So I bleach my shirt then i wash it once then I put the vinyl and it came off it would not stick

  11. Lessliee Nayelii Aguilarr says:

    Hey girly! I have a heat press and that’s what I use! I did the exact same steps as you, however my shirt where I had bleached and added my vinyl, the white spot turned out yellow?! How can I prevent that??

  12. Jac Pace says:

    It doesn't mess up the HTV that is already on there when you add another layer and press it with heat??

  13. Hailey Heflin says:

    How do you keep from larger solid designs feeling so stiff ☹️ I can’t figure that out

  14. Shanayy says:

    How do you wash that shirt after bleach and cold water ? Not sure if detergent/downy will affect shirt. Also as well as when applied HTV design how do you wash for normal use ?

  15. Leauxgan says:

    "im just adding some misty bits" lol Misty Bits could be a strippers name. dont judge me, this is like class and ive always been a class clown

  16. Diane Cooper says:

    I have been trying to do this. Any other time bleach would get on everything and then I would have a white streak but when I WANT to bleach my shirts I can not get my shirts to bleach white or anything near white. I use 100% Clorox bleach, no water. I've set them in the sun, I've tried everything. How do you get the shirt to actually bleach? The last shirt I tried was a 50/50 poly cotton red shirt and let the bleach sit for 2 hours and it lightened to this ugly orange looking but still not light enough to sublimate on. Does anyone have any suggestions to help please??? Thanks so much!!

  17. Athena says:

    hey, love this DIY. but how your bleach is gone white? I use pure bleach and it always goes rusty 🙁 help lol I love that white gray look for vintage looking band tee

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