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How To Keep Hair Wet All Day For Curly Hair Under $8!!! Direct links to the products mentioned in the video: Hello sister! Here is my quick and affordable “wet hair look” method. I hope this video was helpful to at least one person! Tell me in the comments what other videos you would like to see. ♡ SHOP MY HAIR COLLECTION ♡ ♡ For all business/sponsorship inquiries ♡ Email me at Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! Follow me on Instagram @oksothatsher to stay connected with me sis (: #wethairlook #Affordablewethairlook #howtokeepthewetlook

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How To Keep The Wet Hair Look All Day For Curly Hair Under $8!!!
How To Keep The Wet Hair Look All Day For Curly Hair Under $8!!!

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How To Keep The Wet Hair Look All Day For Curly Hair Under $8!!!.

five wits shampoo.

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50 thoughts on “How To Keep The Wet Hair Look All Day For Curly Hair Under $8!!! | Cover the content of five wits shampoo the most detailed

  1. That's so Shay says:

    GIRLLLL BYE!! You saved me!! I loveee me a good curly wig but can never keep the "wet look" all day. Came across your video &I'm glad I did. I had all the products in my closet already. I did my hair @2pm for work, its currently 8:25pm and the curls are still givingggg… Thanks Queen!!! 🥰💕

  2. Sam Jay says:

    Girllll you saved me because I didn’t know how to maintain curly hair this is my first time getting curly and it looks so niceeeeee you’re a life saver!!!!

  3. Amber Kay says:

    ❤️🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽💜💜💜🎉👑😇Ooohhhh, thank us sweetheart! Your so beautiful, wig is so full! ❤️❤️🫶🏽💜

  4. shonae Leblanc says:

    Bouta try this method right now thank you for sharing this 🔥👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 your hair is cute

  5. Sariah Lace says:

    You are so funny😆
    do you think, it could work for synthetic hair,as well.
    I know you repeated quality hair 🤣😂
    I do need to tame this hair

  6. Liz Hicks says:

    My issue is the back knots up after a few hours.I usually get a 10" an it seems when the hair stops at the collar in the back, that's where it gets nappy. Why is that?

  7. random videos says:

    question: for the first step, would taking a light shower with conditioner but not washing the conditioner work too?

  8. lexi. says:

    this routine really changed my hair game for good. first day trying this and i ALREADY got a compliment asking where i got my hair from.. did it overnight and it lasted the whole entire day i was out. thank you so much seriously.. no more dry ass hair on my head.. i can’t thank you enough🥺

  9. LadyMisfit-- says:

    Would this work on synthetic hair?? I have a 22inch synthetic wig and is curly, but it's HUGE, I hate it lol . I hope this works with it

  10. Dae M says:

    Is it okay to do this daily? does the product damage/ Stiffing the hair, mainly speaking about the the eco gel?

  11. Rinika Wallace says:

    Thank you for this video sis!! 🙌🏽 It really works. It's the method and the ECO gel, because I use a different curling cream and it still works. 🤗💪🏽

  12. Erica Self says:

    I love watching your videos, I had no choice but to subscribe lol, what is your Instagram name? I'm definitely going to get me some of the same hair products tomorrow so I can keep that wet look all day 😊

  13. It's My Life Daralynn says:

    I went out and got that coconut cream goodness and it worked wonders on my bio hair and my wig. I can comb my bio hair so easily now. Thank you so much !!

  14. Michele Hicks says:

    Came back to leave a review…. After trying your method my deep wave lasted all day! Already subscribed 🥰

  15. Jade Exc says:

    Im sitting here watching you hook that wig up better then i can get the curls on own damn my head this is bullshit lol thanks for the tutorial girl you had me at $8 👌🤑

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