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Glue In Method


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How To: Give Your Hair Body & Length | Glue In Method | Ali Peerless Hair
How To: Give Your Hair Body & Length | Glue In Method | Ali Peerless Hair

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How To: Give Your Hair Body & Length | Glue In Method | Ali Peerless Hair.

track hair extensions.

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31 thoughts on “How To: Give Your Hair Body & Length | Glue In Method | Ali Peerless Hair | All content about track hair extensions most complete

  1. Ymani Halle says:

    Just did my hair like this an hour ago!! LOVE this install method, yours came out bomb💕. PRO TIP: when placing tracks, try to apply on hair/avoid applying on scalp. It’s “healthier” because you’ll avoid potentially clogging your hair follicles. Happy Weaving!!💅🏾

  2. Joiful Family says:

    Thank you as a mom I just wanted to go back to a more affordable and Natural way of doing my hair and this took me back to my roots just gotta look I’m my drawer for some tracks or go the beauty store. Thank you so much I almost forgot from wearing wigs for so long 💗💗💗

  3. Jeravonne Ballard says:

    I just love you! You literally have a video for everything I ever need 💗💗💗💗

  4. LaTanza Lashay says:

    Hair oil also makes your tracks come right out. Never tried conditioners to remove hair glue.

  5. Naomi Abashe says:

    Glue ins have been my to go hair over 17yrs ago . While in Africa. All i do is soak the hair with pink oil and baby oil add a shower cap overnight and sleep the next day i bet u it pulls out so easily.

  6. Courtney Bracey says:

    When I started watching and saw your natural hair – it looked so pretty. But this look is beautiful! I like it both ways!

  7. Cee Cee says:

    I’ve watched this so many times & finally did it a few weeks ago & today it looked so bomb both time & conditioner slipped them right out like u said

  8. Cardi Bri Beauty says:

    I wanna try this but I’m scared. Then again I’ve bleached my hair , permed it, & dyed it multiple times (not all at once) and my hair is still a good length so maybe I should do it.

  9. TheMurderShow says:

    Yes!! You took me back!! When we thought wigs were for our grandmothers!! Your hair looks bomb!! 😻😻

  10. Lifted Lizzy says:

    Girl I thought this was yoyr real hair! You did such an amazing job! What type of glue did you use?

  11. MacKenzie Beasley says:

    my first weave was exactly like that as well. i also used to glue the tracks upside down to make a fuller ponytail. if you try the ponytail method could you record please

  12. Froncessca Curry says:

    I use to do my hair like this back when I was in middle school. Shockingly my hair never fell out. I use to mix blue Dawn dish soap and conditioner and it slipped right out

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