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The owner of Madame Paulette’s (one of New York’s oldest dry cleaners) reveals his secret formulas for getting out wine, coffee, sweat, grease, lipstick and more. For more, follow the hashtag #RachaelRayShow

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How to Get (Almost) Every Kind of Stain Out of Your Clothes
How to Get (Almost) Every Kind of Stain Out of Your Clothes

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How to Get (Almost) Every Kind of Stain Out of Your Clothes.

bleached green shirt.

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  1. Bike Gj says:

    How to remove yellowing from hydrogen peroxide on clothes??? I think I ruined my dress using hydrogen peroxide

  2. Sylvana Oktavia says:

    i tried the 2 method to wash off yellow armpit stains on the shirts, didn't work though…

  3. Luciana Pro says:

    Stupid me used boiling water and stain remover plus hydrogen peroxide (even knowing it should've been cold water😭)
    The stains won't come off😭😭
    The jeans are already 'ruined' from all the washing I've done in 2 days.
    Any advice?
    Thank you😔

  4. salok singh says:

    What liquid material is used.

    Pls Tell as my son school shirt is stained with Blue Ink Pen jell pen

  5. Cristina Gusatu says:

    Buyed a nice satin vintage dress online and has oil stains please tell me how puting them out ? Am like dress was tried oxi clean tide dawn soap dish not know what else try on

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