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100k trip! join my family! ________________________________ instagram: ________________________________ tiktok: ________________________________ twitter: ________________________________ youtube barber equipment: ring light – softbox light – canon 6d mark ii – 50mm lens –

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how to film youtube barber tutorials.
how to film youtube barber tutorials.

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how to film youtube barber tutorials..

barber light ring.

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  1. Hustle Central says:

    Cool vid. I’d only watched a few videos before, but there’s not much content on how to film, so I subscribed off you giving different content alone!

  2. The Soldier Barber Life says:

    Very informative video. I have the newwer ring light as well but using my iPhone 12 Pro Max for filming

  3. Jay-Pee Phillips says:

    Yo Bro thanx for the insight into your setup. I was struggling with my setup and did a time trial last week, and my phones positioning was way off. My back and forearm kept appearing in the shot and blocked out the clients head in the frame. Was terrible. Was wondering if I can send you the timelapse and have you constructively critique it so that I can make the necessary adjustments and improve on the overall production. I'd appreciate it.

  4. kamel hecini says:

    I don’t know why I like the way you talk plus you looks like one of my favorite soccer player Karim benzima god bless bruh

  5. Los Clips says:

    Would you recommend student barbers to make tutorials? I feel like I'm informed and have some knowledge I can share but idk what Do you think Dre

  6. Jazzy says:

    Love your vids man keep up the good work! If you're interested I can make you a sick youtube channel banner for free. If you're interested and wanna see some samples I'll send you my email.

  7. wastnTIMEwastnTIME says:

    Hey man, I came across your videos and like how u fade. I used to cut my hair back in high school when I was broke. Now with the lockdowns I’m becoming broke again haha! I want to save some money by attempting to cut my own hair again. I’m trying to figure out which clippers are best for self hair cuts. Which would you recommend best for cutting your own hair?

  8. Leonel Torres says:

    can you show us your clippers and review them and tell us which one are zero gap really would help my man

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