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DIP POWDER *code: GABBY10 for 10% off The shade I used is called “silent” for today’s video. I have a quick tutorial on how to do powder nails with Revel Nail Dipping Powder! I will definitely do more videos with dip powder and gel nails just to add a little more variety for you guys ♡ I used acetone to dip my nails in powder and it didn’t damage my natural nail! Affiliate Links/Discount Codes 15% Off Makartt Code: GABBYSNAILART 10% Off Orosa Code: GABBY10 * 10% Off Modelones Code: GABBY10 10% Off Kiara Sky Code: GABBYSNAILART10 top coat mat Striping tape Barrier/Strip protector nails (tape around the nail) Instagram @gabbysnailart Music by Joakim Karud

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7 star dip powder.

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37 thoughts on “HOW TO DO DIP NAILS AT HOME! | Revel Nail | All information about 7 star dip powder most complete

  1. Brianna Remus Books says:

    This video was so helpful! I have a question though. I just got the Azure beginners kit and I follow the instructions to a T, but after I do the activator then file them down, some of the nails won't let the top coat dry while others dry perfectly and glossy. And then others will dry and its super tiny little bumps. Am I doing something wrong or is it the kit? I do each nail exactly the same per instructions

  2. Angela Silas says:

    Is it normal to feel a burning sensation on your nails when you apply the Top Gel Coat (step 3)?

  3. Katie Hough says:

    I can’t wait to try it out. Seriously. Why to pay $ 50-60 when we can do it our self. Thank you so so much again

  4. A. Suarez says:

    Tried 3 times. Followed directions to the t. I’ve done this in the past and it was always hit or miss. Something always messed up. Tried again recently and the nails never hardened no matter how activator or just using 2-3 layers. I’m sticking to polygel from now on.

  5. Cris Houston says:

    You're exactly right. $50+ dollars a pop has me buying nail dip kits and learning to do my own nail dip. Your videos are so helpful. Thanks a ton.

  6. amanda jacob says:

    Just ordered my Reval kit. Your video is helpful. Do I seal the end at each stage or just last gel step? Is the activator ok to get on skin or do I need to wipe it off also? Thanks

  7. Laura Ampe says:

    I made the mistake of not cleaning and broke the bottle all over my self and found out a rubber band around the top works when it is stuck

  8. Living Love says:

    Is it possible to only dip once.. so it's not so thick.. do you think it will still last a month?

  9. Jessica Katharine says:

    I bought a cheap kit on a whim. It looks like I put toothpaste blobs onto my nails 😓

  10. Stefani Bowen says:

    How long does it take you? I’m looking for a new hobby. So I’m curious how long the dip process takes

  11. Kristin Heinold says:

    First attempt planned for tomorrow during football, wish me luck!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. Jennifer Downs says:

    But you already had a nail… idont think most girls do so…. I'll have to find another video

  13. ar. v. says:

    Chilllll I love the video but 69$ for a starter kit, y’all they have starter kits for like 20$ on amazon

  14. It's My Life Daralynn says:

    I am debating if doing them at home would help with them becoming so frail after dip powder. I like the look but it will take a beating on my nails the way its done at the salon. The sanding eventually made my nail bed thin and sore to the touch . Good job as usual !

  15. Chrissy Meri says:

    My real nails are actually very short. But I want to stop getting my fake acrylic nails because it's ruining my real nails. Is this even going to look good if my nails are really short to beging with?
    I also have super sweaty hands all the time. I have hyperhidrosis. So I'm afraid of that too. Getting the excess off my finder may be hard to do.

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