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Learn how to decorate your own custom bleach t-shirt with transfers and sublimation designs in a few easy steps. Watch Kelly lay out all the basic steps she needs to properly take on two different sublimation styles to create two cool tie dye shirt looks that are sure to turn heads. All you need to get started is a polyester/poly blend t-shirt, our CAD-PRINTZ® sublimated transfers or CAD-CUT® sublimated designs, your own custom design, and a bottle of bleach! To download and order your own sublimated transfer design, simply visit here You can also explore our collection of sublimated designs by visiting this page Other products featured in the video: CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ – Hotronix® Auto Clam Heat Press – Start – 00:00 HTV Cut & Weed – 02:34 Bleach Bottle Residue – 02:58 Apply 1st Sublimation Pattern – 03:34 Apply 2nd Sublimation Pattern – 05:43 HTV Glitter Coat – 08:22 Wash shirt – 09:43 Final Results – 12:40 Connect with us online: Facebook: Instagram: Stahlsheatprinting Pinterest: Twitter: @StahlsIDDirect

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How to Decorate a Bleach Shirt with Sublimation
How to Decorate a Bleach Shirt with Sublimation

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How to Decorate a Bleach Shirt with Sublimation.

bleached green shirt.

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  1. xomelissamariee says:

    I just bleached 2 shirts and they both ripped. Don’t know why and no one will answer me.

  2. Deena Whitehurst says:

    So most people bleach the shirt after sublimation. So it appears that we dont have to do it prior to sublimation. Does the shirt need to be 100 % polyester as well?

  3. Beach Life Soy says:

    How would you do this and try to sell a shirt to a customer that has already been washed? tia 🙂

  4. Deanna Kriger says:

    Just wondering, if nothing gets on the cover sheet, then why not use it over n over? Sorry I'm new n into recycling- i don't want to feel wasteful

  5. Sam The G2sTaurus lover says:

    cand you bleach a 100% polyester if so can you give me a tip because i am trying and it dosent bleach

  6. Lindsay Leslie says:

    I am having the hardest time finding T-shirt blanks to purchase. Did you mention what tees you use or could you post a link? I have tried searching Gildan and end up with nothing that matches my actual search…

  7. MamaBear625 says:

    2 questions. What press is that exactly AND I see that it's threadable which is what I'm looking to purchase but my question is, can you thread it the other way. This may sound silly but I hate looking at the shirt and pressing upside down. I just like to look at it straight on. So…. is it possible to thread the shirt the other way (from back to front basically)? I hope you understand what I mean

  8. Zsanett Makkai says:

    I’m gonna ask a stupid question lol so please don’t hate lol how the sublimation doesn't get bleached I’ve been wondering , it looks awesome !

  9. hazelann alexander says:

    What a mess. The bleach will effect the fibers making them more brittle. Not a good idea

  10. NJ CAMOCUTIE says:

    So i can use any color shirt to sublimate on if i am bleaching correct? Also does it have to be poly ? Cause you can't sub on cotton correct?

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