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Fanola No Yellow Lightening Cream updated


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Mindy from Miju Van Salon uses the new Fanola No Yellow Lightening Cream to transform her client’s hair to a beautiful ash blonde. The lightener is an anti-yellow cream with a purple pigment. It is enriched with blueberry extract and can lighten up to 7-8 levels. Subscribe and follow us on: Instagram: Facebook: Fanola Products used: No Yellow Lightening Cream Official US Distributor: 1-877-45-SALON (72566) Credit to Mindy, Miju Van Salon Los Angeles

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HOW TO: ASH BLONDE | Fanola No Yellow Lightening Cream
HOW TO: ASH BLONDE | Fanola No Yellow Lightening Cream

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HOW TO: ASH BLONDE | Fanola No Yellow Lightening Cream.

blonde light cream.

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  1. Charley says:

    Okay, this is very misleading. The hair was very yellow after lightening, then obviously toned and colored.

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