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Adore Semi-Permanent Dyes the most detailed


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I love the bright red, but I wanted a little change. I decided to return it to my original red, which was much deeper and richer…a true Burgundy wine. Enjoy and don’t forget to like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE! MUSIC: Imperfect mix. – jmac (Soundcloud) SHOOTING INFORMATION: Camera — Canon EOS Rebel t5i lighting — Diva Ring Super Nova Light editing software — iMovie Version 10.1.4 LET’S CONNECT! Eng: @kenzie_kenz1

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How I Dye My Natural Hair BURGUNDY! | Adore Semi-Permanent Dyes
How I Dye My Natural Hair BURGUNDY! | Adore Semi-Permanent Dyes

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How I Dye My Natural Hair BURGUNDY! | Adore Semi-Permanent Dyes.

adore burgundy envy.

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32 thoughts on “How I Dye My Natural Hair BURGUNDY! | Adore Semi-Permanent Dyes | Overview of relevant information adore burgundy envy most complete

  1. Nik's Notions says:

    Adore Magenta and Raspberry makes a really cute vibrant burgundy color. It will looks pink when it's wet but it dries burgundy

  2. Jaliyah Johnson says:

    If you leave the dye in longer does it last longer or is that damaging to the hair?πŸ€”

  3. Kierra Houston says:


  4. Jazmin P says:

    The color is perfect!! Dyeing my sisters hair this color. I love using adore semi-permanent dye because it’s vegan and a healthier dye option for hair.

  5. Toni Benn says:

    Did anyone else have trouble with the product actually staying in your hair? I left it in for 40 minutes and when I went to rinse it out,basically all of the color came out :-(. What did I do wrong?

  6. Toni Benn says:

    Do you recommend to wash the hair before applying the dye? Should the hair be dry first before applying?

  7. Debbie Osorio says:

    My hair now is purple and I love it. Will try the Ricch eggplant I use purple passion by sparks !!!!

  8. Debbie Osorio says:

    Looks nice I used to be dark red and wine, try l'oreal highlights for dark hair only tou can reach the color you want without bleaching it. Beautiful!!!!

  9. Jairy G says:

    The color is really nice.
    One question I'm trying to get something like this but my permanent bace is red should I do this mixture or just add magenta from adore 88? What is your point of view?

  10. Tikia Fields says:

    Hey if I want to dye my natural hair do I have to wash it first or no just ask cuz right it been a while send I dye it n it black with a little sand brown in it

  11. Lalashia Carter says:

    Does the oil on my hair matter before I put the dye on? After I put the dye on I let it set for an hour an then just rinse it out or wash/condition it out?

  12. Tamika Reynolds says:

    Kenzie i tried this but it isnt bright enough i got the colors you said and used same measurements. What would i do next to go a little bit brighter? Same mix with more crimson? And how long should i wait?

  13. A. Noel says:

    First off! Great vid, and I am officially a subscriber! Thank you for this. You have inspired me so, and I am headed in this direction very soon, however, while I like the color from this vid also, I love love LOVE the color from the photos you posted from when you originally went burgundy. This is EXACTLY the color I have been trying to achieve, and I'd like to do this. Do you have a vid on how you did that, or do you remember the process you did to achieve it? What did you do different from this video? Thanks so much in advance!

  14. Empress says:

    Everything is beautiful about you. Thank you for sharing. Do you find your hair drier over time due to the color? And how often do you moisturize your hair?

  15. Anna Volney says:

    For her hair to get this red , must have bleached also because just this dye does not take as bright as it shows in video

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