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My honest review of Amish Beard Oil in Classic, Pure, and Premium. See what I think of this OG company! For anyone who wants to donate to the “Buy me a coffee” channel and donations: Subscribe to the channel – – Thank you! Classic – Pure – Premium – Dan & Sam’s Esty shop shirts, stickers and more made by Sam: Contact: IG = DanCBearded Email = —————- — ————————————————– —– My Gear: Camera = Canon M50 – Microphone = Lighting = #HonestAmish #HonestAmishBeardOil

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Honest Amish – Classic, Premium, Unscented! Beard Oil Review

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Honest Amish – Classic, Premium, Unscented! Beard Oil Review.

pure beard co.

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34 thoughts on “Honest Amish – Classic, Premium, Unscented! Beard Oil Review | Cover the most detailed information pure beard co

  1. Norm Fields says:

    Got me a bottle of Classic at Walmart today and I really like the scent. I really just got it to hold me until I get my order from Whiskey n Hardtack. Thanks for the great reviews and the DANC discount on my order!

  2. Bob Adler says:

    Please excuse this dumb question but is the honest Amish premium on a white beard dangerous? Again thank you for your channel

  3. Giorgio Phins Fan Porch says:

    Thank You brother I took your advice and picked up some at Walmart I really like it

  4. Papa Smurf says:

    I have been using honest Amish beard balm and oil for about 3 weeks now. My goatee is loving it. My fiance just pointed out today that my beard is growing faster.

  5. Mitchell Montgomery says:

    I’m new to the game, have grown a mustache on and off for years no beard due to being a firefighter. Wife isn’t a huge fan as it is rough, I tried Honest Amish as my first (beard/mustache) care routine and so far I’m loving it, and so is the wife!!

  6. HomesteadOC says:

    Classic smells like I drank Jager and ate black licorice all night and puked into my beard. Seriously the worst smelling beard oil, the pure is way better.

  7. CarBomb says:

    Premium is my go to during the work week. Simple quality product at an affordable price without much of a scent.

  8. Papa Smurf says:

    I have not used honest Amish beard oil. My first beard oil was from male God. It works pretty good for me.

  9. Shaniel L. Mathur says:

    Ive had some really good results with honest Amish products . The beard oil , the beard and body soap and the beard balm are excellent . I will keep buying

  10. mafiaseargent says:

    I just picked up beard oil and wash at walmart yesterday. I got the honest amish classic oil and I definitely noticed the smell to it but it really didn't bother me. I have been growing a short beard for about a year now and am only now looking into products and stuff for it. I haven't been doing any styling or anything and now that it's getting a bit longer mainly on the lower neck it is starting to curl upwards and poof out to the sides. More on the right side than the left as it seems to grow faster and thicker on that side. I was getting annoyed with it and unlike with my head hair I can't just wet it and move it how I want. For a wash I picked up some Everyman Jack sandalwood wash and I found it made my beard feel dry when I first stepped out of the shower this morning though I may have just used too much. I put in the oil after the shower and used a regular head comb that I've had kicking around for about 5 years now and found that while I certainly couldn't do anything fancy with my beard (also a product of it being pretty short) I was able to reign in the side bit that kept puffing out to the side and it has held all day. I'll keep using it and see how they do as well adjust how much I use.

  11. Abu Mujahid says:

    I love Honest Amish
    Just like you said. It was seating on my shelf for 2 years . I just started using it again . I love it. 👍

  12. VegasCityDriver says:

    I'm all about the Honest Amish… Bar Soap, Oil, Balm for the stash… Even the hand salve and lip balms are part of the process… I love the simplicity of the products… It's not trying to have a scent, it just does…If that makes sense… Beard, Face, Hands, Lips, all get nourished nicely. The Amish have it figured out.

  13. Craig Schuer says:

    Honest Amish also got me into the oil game (cheap at Walmart). I moved onto other things, but I just recently bought a bottle and it's still probably the best quality oil I've used.

  14. Bam P says:

    As for viscosity, I know HA premium beard oil has to be thick but wondering if HA classic beard oil is thin or medium?

  15. Gabe Ferlin says:

    Honestly the way this makes your beard feel trumps the scent. And it does grow on you, for a night out probably not the best scent wise but the feel… Lemme tell you nothing real stacks up. I will say though the premium does make my beard feel softer and lasts longer, the classic is good as well but doesn't last as long. Both are very good though but I'd personally go with the premium, great video Dan!

  16. Andrew Rock Youtube says:

    Really nice overview on their products. I happened to come across the Honest Amish Classic Beard OIl in Walmart one day. Used it consistently with my beard and have always loved it. Eliminated any skin irritation or itchiness. You really hit the everything that I could mention in this video. Personally, I have not tried the Premium Oil as far as styling/taming, but have used the Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm with good success. Based on your video, I think I will try the Premium OIl to see the difference…

    Thanks for the video,


  17. Richard Seekingwulf says:

    Thank you for doing this review on Honest Amish beard products. I started getting bombarded by Honest Amish reviews and decided last night to go to their website and order some premium oil, I also ordered the beard wash bar because of your recommendations from the review on Castile soap. So I guess I'll give that a shot and I'm sure I'll like it. I always listen to good advice thank you.

  18. loumber says:

    Beginner here. Honest Amish is the first and only beard product that I’ve ever used. I have the original balm and the heavy duty balm. I like both, including the scent. I’m looking to get oil and wasn’t sure where to start, so this video was very helpful. Thanks!

  19. Alan Caye says:

    I know this video is been around for a couple years but I am commenting anyway. Honest Amish was probably the first oil I tried. I’m talking about the classic here. I liked it right away but I went on to try others and came back to honest Amish. This has been my go to product for oil, balms, waxes and so on. It was just this week that I tried the premium and now I’m loving that. The scent that I pick up from the classic is a kind of autumn cinnamon and clove kind of scent. What I get from the premium is more of a woodsy scent that I love. It’s like strolling Out of the woods, woodshed or sawmill. It does seem to have more viscosity than the classic which again I like. I have not tried the unscented version.

  20. Out of beer! says:

    Love all of their products. But I wish I knew who else sells that black bar of soap? It smells like licorice! I'd like to see if someone else makes it more gritty? Anyone know??

  21. Joshua Shiner says:

    The smell made me gag. I stopped using it after a few tries. One of the first ones I tried.

  22. Curt Martini says:

    I like the scent. I have only used HA for a few days but I have to say my beard feels wirey at the moment. I'll give it a few days and see.

  23. Loneone01 says:

    Yeah if I run out of my usual oil before getting more in I just grabbed some of that stuff at the local store

  24. WinstonAveTv says:

    Maybe me…but I get this old antique sound from the dropper hitting the bottle…it's different from my other bottles

  25. Francisco Del Cuadro says:

    Dude! Great review, just got the classic and it blew my mind. I’m getting the premium right now! Thanks for the content!
    What are your thoughts on their balms?
    Any other recommendations on beard oils? What’s your top pick on the ones with more scent??

  26. Art Pauls says:

    Man oh man Dan c. Honest amish was one of the first products I tried and I feel in love with the smell of the classic 😍 its one of my favorite. I only bought it once thou since alot of people were talking about other companies but now I bought it again and was wondering if anyone made a updated review on it and uala dan c my man. I love this product

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