Amidst the current status of environmental contamination, the presence of atmosphere purifiers in the class will contribute to ensuring the health of users. In particular, it is highly meaningful for families with old people, young children and living in city areas .
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In this segment, japanese Hitachi brand presently provides a set of products for families with minor to large room sizes. Today Quantrimang will introduce to you the merchandise code of Hitachi EP-A5000 air purifier, which has two independent functions : air refining and humidity for rooms with an sphere of ​​about 33m2 .
In summation to the serve of breeze refining and humidification, Hitachi EP-A5000 can eliminate odors, remove pollen, allergens and limit the activity of bacteria and mold. The product is presently sold at for VND 8,450,000.

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I. About design

Hitachi EP-A5000 is designed entirely for rooms with an sphere of ​​about 33m2. It is capable of brawny process, using an EPA trickle that incorporates a dust-proof filter and activated carbon to deodorize, fight allergies and harmful bacteria. With a noise level of only about 15dB, the device will feel comfortable, without causing unpleasant cries. More specifically, Eco power saving mood will help reduce baron consumption significantly .
A extra sport is that the machine is pre-installed, you do n’t need any extra forum. The product has a rather compact design with dimensions of stature, width, depth : 53.7cm x 43cm adam 24.2cm and weight of 8.5kg. So you can easily move the device to use it in any location in the syndicate. The merchandise has elegant colors, white battlefront and black body, so it is easy to blend with the space of today ‘s families .
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Going into details, it is comfortable to see the product is quite beautiful. The airfoil and edges of the credit card parts are cautiously crafted, acute and quality. Hitachi EP-A5000 is manufactured in Japan and imported in dispatch units for sale in Vietnam grocery store .
The front man of the machine is equipped with a table showing the modes and functions of the machine. The process of using the product is done completely through the infrared distant control included. This is a see with a very elementary plan, only 6 buttons and made from plastic looking slurred and uncompromising .
Inside the master panel are 3 filters, which are considered the most significant parts of Hitachi EP-A5000. These include :

  1. Plastic external filter, can be removed for washing
  2. EPA Filter: A 2-in-1 filter including anti-allergenic dust filter and activated carbon filter for deodorizing, can be used for 2 years to replace
  3. And moisture filter
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In accession to filters, it besides has a detector that detects debris, moisture and smell levels to automatically adjust the publicize purification, humidifying and deodorizing functions .
Hitachi EP-A5000 has 5 function modes :

  1. Air filter
  2. Eliminate pollen
  3. Strong deodorant
  4. Moisturises and moisturizes skin

For each manner, you can choose the winnow speed at automatic rifle degree including : gloomy, medium, strong and maximal ( soap ). It besides has Eco modality, which saves up to 23 % of world power consumption, the device can stop the cetacean for 50 minutes after 10 minutes of operation in clean room air travel condition .
With a humidify function, the machine can disperse moisture up to 520ml of water per hour in maximal function mode. The water beginning for humidification and atmosphere purification is taken from a 2.5-liter water tank located on the side of the machine. This water pitcher is besides very comfortable to remove when adding water. The manufacturer recommends using clean water and not pouring besides cold water into the bottle .
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II. Practical experience of air filtering, humidifying and deodorizing capabilities of the machine

Hitachi EP-A5000 does not cause much fuss for users because the operation is quite simple without much support or manuals included. All operations will be done with the distant restraint, with clear, intuitive buttons .
In automatic mode, the machine works quite smoothly, even when operating with breeze filtering or humidifying functions, you will not hear noises. Auto mode is besides considered to be the manner recommended by the manufacturer to use to ensure the trickle consequence and at the same time bring a pleasant feel .
furthermore, when running in automatic manner, the machine besides consumes identical low power. According to Quantrimang ‘s quiz, it merely consumes about 3 electric numbers if it runs endlessly for 1 calendar month in automatic pistol mode. Of course, in case of deodorizing or immediate humidification, the machine will produce more noise and exponent consumption, but only in a short fourth dimension, every few minutes to ten minutes .
To evaluate the effectiveness of Hitachi EP-A5000, we use a number of specialized equipment such as electronic hygrometer, make noise meter and power consumption measuring device. however, not all functions of this device can be measured using machines but need to use the feel of the experience .
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1. Air filtering ability

With this function, you need to pay care to not cause misunderstandings. Current air purifiers do not have the officiate of vacuuming like regular vacuum cleaners .
In fact, Hitachi EP-A5000 and air purifiers in general are chiefly used to filter scatter particles suspended in the air. This series of dust particles is the most harmful to human health and is besides the type of dust used to assess the atmosphere befoulment index of cities today .
Hitachi EP-A5000 has an air purification impression in the play along modes :

  1. Maximum mode: 5m3 / minute
  2. High mode: 4,3m3 / minute
  3. Medium mode: 3m3 / minute
  4. Low mode: 1m3 / minute
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In addition to fine dust trickle, the machine besides achieves the certification of Allergy UK ( UK ) in the ability to reduce pollen and trickle mold.

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2. Deodorizing ability

To evaluate the effectiveness of this serve, we recreated the smell of a normal kitchen space with the spirit of alcohol, soy sauce sauce, coffee bean, carbonated balmy drinks, chili sauce and pickles in an envelop room with an area of about 25m .
When switching to deodorizing manner, the detector of Hitachi EP-A5000 immediately activates the highest winnow level to accelerate deodorizing speed. After about 2 minutes of operation at a high and quite noisy fan accelerate, the machine switches to automatic mode. The unpleasant odors in the board were effectively removed, about no smell .

3. Moisture generation ability

Use an electronic hygrometer to measure changes in humidity in a 25m2 close room. exchangeable to deodorizing function, the moisture-generating effect of Hitachi EP-A5000 is besides very clear and fast .
Before turning on the machine, the humidity in the room was 55 % and after about 10 minutes of operation at a high fan level, the humidity in the room increased by 60 % and remained at that level throughout the march of the humidification regimen. dynamic .
You should besides understand that Hitachi EP-A5000 creates a different moisture from a atomizer .
Humidifier is controlled, will automatically disconnect when reaching the allow moisture flat ( normally at 60 % ), so it can run continuously without worrying about high humidity which affects health angstrom well as electric appliances in the house. meanwhile, the atomizer does not have a self-disconnecting mechanism, the user must feel the humidity in the room to turn off the machine. In accession, the humidification area of ​​the publicize purifier will besides be wider, because the atmosphere convection machine is circulating in a continuous, continuous manner and the moisture-bearing air is released regularly, more covered by the blower system .
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4. Noise and electricity consumption

The make noise and might pulmonary tuberculosis of Hitachi EP-A5000 are increased according to the level of blow of the fan. Auto manner and Eco are the two quietest modes and consume the least ability .
About noise level:
According to the parameters on the box, the noise flat in the tune purification modality and the air-purifying modality are both equivalent :

  1. 50dB at maximum blower level
  2. 46dB at a high level
  3. 15dB low or automatic
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In actual practice, most of the time, the device will run in automatic manner and in this mode, the machine emits highly minor noise, not enough to hear even when standing future to it. however, sometimes you will need to increase the grade of the sports fan up to create moisture or cursorily deodorize the room .
When the fan is running at level 2, the noise level of Hitachi EP-A5000 has increased significantly and heard distinctly but not adequate to cause discomfort when near. When the fan is operated at tied 3 and the maximal level ( soap ), the noise level increases adequate to wake the sleep if lying near the machine .
however, you can rest assured that the high fan manner normally merely works for a few minutes when it is necessity to promptly moisten or deodorize that the machine will mechanically switch to a low grade, causing no noise .
About electricity consumption:
similarly, the noise and electricity consumption besides depend on the speed of the fan, which ranges from 4W to 15W and the highest is 50W .
In fact, when running in automatic mode, the machine consumes about 0.12 electricity per day, equivalent to more than 3 numbers per calendar month .
When operating at a control ( level 2 ) or high ( fan 3 and Max ) level, the power consumption increases several times to dozens of times the automatic rifle manner .
however, as mentioned above, the clock time of high fan operation is normally very short, entirely a few minutes so there is no want to worry about world power consumption when using Hitachi EP-A5000.

III. Overview review

overall, the Hitachi EP-A5000 is a humidifier and humidifier with a covenant, attention-getting design. The operation is besides easy to use, simple. The machine has many modes of tune refining, humidification can be adjusted flexibly according to drug user needs .
The effect of dehumidification and deodorize can be seen identical distinctly during function. The device makes about no noise and besides consumes identical little power when used in normal casual modality ( automatic rifle mode ). consequently, users can comfortably and peacefully let the Hitachi EP-A5000 work around the clock to filter the air, create moisture and terminus ad quem bacteria, mildew, etc. in the home .
however, this product besides has a few points to keep in mind : the price is quite high because aim spell from Japan and EPA percolate may need refilling after 2 years of use or may be longer if the level of befoulment is broken. . If you overcome these limitations, then the device will be an highly ideal suggestion for your family .

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