We may never know what becomes of the mysterious digit, “ Bulge ”, hinted at with the end of 2017 ’ s High & Low : final mission. I ’ meter not in truth certain, though it ’ south exciting to think approximately now that the hit natural process franchise is back in the headlines.

More to the point, japanese trade wind news sites are now reporting the early fall 2022 turn of a sequel to Shigeaki Kubo ’ sulfur High & Low : The Worst, from Shochiku, in a new video recording which you can view above, and a poster announcement featuring the cast which you can check out far below on this page. The sequel, to be directed by HiGH & Low franchise co-scribe Norihisa Hiranuma ( conductor of DTC Yukemuri Junjo hen From High & Low ), will bring back a mix of both returning and raw hurl members ; Actors Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino, Ryuji Sato, Fuju Kamio, Kohei Fukuyama, Ryu, Takahide Suzuki, Satoshi Uekiya, Ken Nakajima and Goki Maeda will all rejoin their 2019 cast including Akihisa Shiono, Yo Aoi, Shin Koyanagi, Atsushi Arai, Ryotaro Sakaguchi. Actor Win Morisaki will be reprising his character from the NTV drama, High & Low The Worst Episode.0, and 6 From High & Low The Worst.

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Reading: The Crows Are Coming, As HIGH & LOW: THE WORST Is Announced For Late 2022 Sequel Release!

This efficaciously brings fans a cryptic prima donna into the crossover worlds of High & Low, and that of generator Hiroshi Takahashi ’ s Shonen manga publications, “ Worst ”, and “ Crows ”. furthermore, it marks another live-action reprisal for the latter since the 2007, 2009 and 2014 films from Takashi Miike and Toshiaki Toyoda. EXILE HIRO is on circuit board for planning and producing the film as are writing unit Team HI-AX, with franchise co-scribe Hiranuma penning the script next to Shoichiro Masumoto and Kei Watanabe, music video steward Daisuke Ninomiya serving as general director, and with High & Low veteran Takahito Ouchi ( Ajin, Black Butler ) supervising the movie ’ sulfur stunt and fight scenery with Masaki Suzumura ( Gunkan Shonen, Dead Sushi ) serving as action conductor .

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Shochiku exact plot details seaport ’ t been made public, but there ’ second more than plenty of clock time to catch on if you ’ re a Westerner with an eye for asian film releases, specifically titles that are brimming with high energy music and exhilirating action. All seven of the High & Low films – respective of which are preceded by a small roll of television receiver drama that launched in 2015 out of the LDH pilothouse and Team HI-AX – had local theatrical releases in Japan, and were ultimately made available to the pillow of the world, including Netflix in the U.S. last September. You can find all my coverage of this franchise by clicking on this tag, including reviews of all seven films which took me about a month and some deepen to complete. My grammar international relations and security network ’ t the best on some of them and, well, that ’ s my fault for not proofreading as I should, but that ’ s what I get for being excessively excited and living in the moment as a fan of a film saga that remained so obscure for so long as it did. At any pace though, if you ’ re at all modern to this franchise and you ’ re just tuning in, and you love a good line-up of action films that blend riveting and exciting crusade scenery and drama ( and possibly a touch of hearty love affair ), with an electrifying soundtrack performed by and large by its stars, the High & Low saga doesn ’ thyroxine disappoint, and that specially goes for High & Low : The Worst. My advice ? Get familiar, and soon !

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