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🌿 Plant-Based Recipes for Intuition 🌿 Cassie here, breaking down some of the plant-based recipes from this week’s blog post. I’m a huge fan of herbs and love herbal teas of all kinds, so I’m really happy to share some of my favorite tips with you today! When working with intuition, three things are really important: 💜 Having a calm and receptive mind and body 💜 Clearing the mind of unwanted and repetitive thoughts 💜 Protecting the energy of the body I have selected a handful of my favorite herbs that will help you to do all three. So if you’re stuck at home, perhaps avoiding a certain virus, here’s an invitation to kick back with some herbal magic and dive deep into your intuitive practice! Find all the details and recipes of this blog at If you like the wisdom of herbs, discover more at Goddess Discovery Book V2 🌿✨ Have a question, leave it below! Always happy to talk about the magic of plants 😊XOXO Cassie

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Herbal Recipes for Intuition
Herbal Recipes for Intuition

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Herbal Recipes for Intuition.

herbs for intuition.

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