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If you have ever heard of HEMA, chances are your experience or perception has been negative, but that is not necessarily the case. It is also widely misunderstood and overgeneralized, leading to confusion and fear. Watch me sit down with Jim McConnell of @lightelegancehq to discuss some very important topics: what is HEMA? How does this cause problems? And why is this causing problems? Please support The Nail Hub by liking, commenting and subscribing! ★★★Related Videos★★★ Catch up on the Gel Nail Basics series HERE (videos are listed from newest to oldest, scroll down to start from the beginning): True Gels vs Hybrid Gels Check the corner Jim’s chemistry on Light Elegance YT Channel : **************************************** ********* * FOLLOW THE NAIL HUB HERE: INSTAGRAM ❤ FACEBOOK ❤ TWITTER ❤ SHARE WITH ME USING #thenailhub or tag me @thenailhub **************** *** ******* *********************** FOLLOW LIGHT ELEGANCE HERE: INSTAGRAM ❤ FACEBOOK ❤ YOUTUBE ❤ ***** **** ****** ************************************ Contact The Nail Hub: sales ***** ******************************************** ** *** Thanks for watching! Please subscribe! #HEMA #acrylic allergy #gelpolish

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HEMA & Nail Product Allergies
HEMA & Nail Product Allergies

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HEMA & Nail Product Allergies.

hema free builder gel.

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30 thoughts on “HEMA & Nail Product Allergies | All the most detailed knowledge hema free builder gel

  1. Jim McConnell says:

    Liz requested that I briefly explain the difference between HEA and HEMA. HEA (Hydroxyethyl Acrylate) is the acrylated version and HEMA (Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) methacrylated version of the same base resin. The methacrylated versions of the resins that we use in our industry are typically less allergenic to use than the acrylated versions of the same resin type. The methacrylated versions also have less heat generated during curing and will usually have better gloss after curing. This is all assuming that the main structure of the resin is the same between the acrylated and methacrylated versions. So, HEA will be faster curing, less exothermic and have a better gloss than HEMA. The same will hold true for THFA vs THFMA and others

  2. Michelle Roskom says:

    very knowledge chemist!! thank you!! chemists are some of my fave clients!! and i have only met a handful in my 20 year career!! you are so lucky to have a chemist like that, i have to pray for them to come by lol 🤣 THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DO & for making this awesome video 🤗 you guys rock 😇

  3. Debra Parker says:

    Hi Liz, wow, I’m still quite new to doing nails, and I only do it on a little side line, I would never have thought that Therese chemicles could do so much harm, nothing like this was taught in my class, I definitely think more about the science behind it all should be compulsory in all countries, I’m going to watch more of your informative tutorials, thank you to you and Jim, xx

  4. N.G. says:

    What are some HEMA free products or brands? Or some that are hypoallergenic gel brands that we could use?

  5. Ashley Lujan says:

    Ive finally caved and accepted im allergic to HEMA. I didn't know what was going on, Ive been being treated for psoriasis and my reaction has been severe. Turns out Ive just been torturing myself doing my naisl everytime they heal. Ive been doing my nails with Beetles Gel and my nails have been chapped blistered and cracking since last November. Im self taught and have literally suffered learning on myself and now I find Im allergic to the products. I LOVE doing nails and was planning to start school this August. Im passionate about nails as a career and I now dont know what to do. Do you think its possible for me to continue to do nails as a professional? If im using product lines that dont contain HEMA will I be at risk of having reactions to other chemicals in nail products?

  6. Gina Rios says:

    So I have been using the Beetle brand for 2 years and I haven't had a problem but I didn't know about HEMA until today and I am scared to use their products now since they do have HEMA in them. Would you recommend me to keep using them or change to a more natural brand?


    Ive had allergic reactions to HEMA. I like to use full coverage tips. Is there a light elegance product or products that would be good to put them on with since Light Elegance has no HEMA.

  8. Natalie Vu says:

    I developed an allergy from a new top coat & all of the sudden I'm allergic to all of the stuff I used before, like Markartt & Born Pretty.
    I invested so much money & here I am.
    I have to start from new. But this time I'm extra careful & I try everything before doing a whole set.

  9. Lisa Carruthers says:

    I would love to see a video on TPO. I believe I am allergic to this and not HEMA. I wsh I could use LE products as they're my favourite, but everything seems to have TPO in. So sad. I've been allergic to nickel all my life.

  10. Melissa B says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for making this video!!!! I just recently developed an allergy to nail products and I was feeling super alone in this as I've never heard of this before. It's been really frustrating to give up my guilty pleasure and go back to having paper thin ugly nails. Thanks for letting me know there are alternative products, how to find them, and what to avoid!!!!

  11. Squeakity Squeak says:

    Love this video! Thank you for making this video, it's very informative! I have a question tho! I'm not licensed so I'm limited with good products. If you had to choose a product with  "di-hema" as the very first ingredient or "hema" further down in the ingredient list which would be best? I have products with both. 🤔  Thanks! 😊

  12. JC says:

    I been getting acrylics for years at the salon and had zero problems, however I started doing dip nails at home to safe money and got a really bad allergic reaction! I didn’t get the typical allergies people are talking about like itching, blisters etc…my allergic reaction was severe congestion, mild chest pressure , numbness in the hands. After all this decided to go back to acrylics after I did my own set, I started feeling mild chest pressure again and pressure on my head!!! Why?? Please help!!!

  13. kristina Allemand says:

    Thank you for this, I recently developed a horrible allergic reaction to gel, Beetles, Memeda, Aimeili HEMA free, Modelones, Markartt, Sensationail, and ASP gel builder. I had to get rid of it all. Now I am back to regular nail polish which makes me sad since I enjoyed not having a dry time and being able to have my manicure last for weeks instead of days. Thank you for this info.

  14. Daniela Vega says:

    Wow! Thank you for this video, i'm a soon to be nail tech and I had no idea what hema was! I will pay more attention to what's in my products from now on😭

  15. Liliana Montalvo says:

    This video was refreshing to watch! I like to pay attention to what goes into my body so this was very informative.

  16. Kelli McKay says:

    I’m not a nail tech, but would love to try this gel polish from LE. I’m allergic to HEMA and various other chemicals found in most gel nail polish. Is there any way to buy if you don’t have a nail tech license?

  17. Jermari Pagan says:

    Hi, I've been doing my own nails for almost two years and recently I've been presenting an allergy reaction that it consist on itching, redness, little blisters and hard skin under some nails. But I disinfect the areas with a liquid call Bactine and in a couple of days everything clears up does that means that I can still use gel polish or should I stop doing my nails

  18. Mz Clementine says:

    When you're speaking in the introduction, and you say people say to be careful about talking about this. Is this because the Chinese own the industry within products? Well that sucks. I see the writing on the wall too. With a lot of things. Information. With that said I'm having an allergy. I am here at bated breath. My ears are on and ready to download.

  19. xoRitz727xo says:

    Omg, I am so glad I found this video. I know it's old, but I just recently became allergic to gel polishes. I thought I was being so careful with not getting it on my skin, bit now I realize it could have been from my cleaning methods of the inhibition layer. 🤦‍♀️ I was def a jist rub all over kind of person. Luckily I became aware of it quickly, and my allergic reaction is still mild, so now I am looking for "healthier" options. Than you so much for the knowledge.

  20. MrsMT TheCreator says:

    This video was very refreshing and so well explained I barely understood what what was said but yet I feel so much smarter and educated. Going to binge on this channel for the next few days I have a lot to learn 😍🥰✅🤓 got my book and chair just need some snacks 💞✅😂😂😂💎💎💎 thank you guys so much for this really

  21. Danielle131 says:

    So having only 1% of HEMA should be much safer but effective.
    Is 91% alcohol something you don't recommend?

  22. Sarah Stone says:

    You both opened my eyes and changed my whole world thank you. Also I LOVE that I didn't have to hear you say "Like and Subscribe" at the end!!! That is the ONLY reason why I hardly ever use YouTube…that drives me NUTS!!! Plus ya'll have Great chemistry!

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