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Zee and I are trying to film some of the Happy Massage shops here in Phuket. When a store saw that we were filming them, they were not happy. A masseuse crossed the street to confront us and stood in front of Zee. Hope you enjoy… Click the link below to subscribe so you don’t miss any of our future content… #Bugeater38 #HappyMassage #PhuketThailand

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Happy Massage - YOU WANT EXTRA
Happy Massage – YOU WANT EXTRA

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#Happy #Massage #EXTRA.

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Happy Massage – YOU WANT EXTRA.

tantric massage phuket.

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20 thoughts on “Happy Massage – YOU WANT EXTRA | All the most detailed knowledge tantric massage phuket

  1. Lomolagi Boy Shepherdson says:

    Last time we were in that area the local massage lady told us to not eat in that market as lots of the seafood has been stored in formalin to keep it fresh….not so good. We're back to Thailand in a few weeks so we'll get down there again for sure to have a look around.

  2. Munchies Martinez says:

    My favorite video is the one where the black body builder was walking through. All them hoes went CRAZY.

  3. Katt Arinnalinee says:

    How dear you to recording to people like that, obvious you’re trying to blackmail these girls. Live in Thailand for 8 months? Nah get back to your country if you’ll only show my country only for a bad thing.

  4. India Arie says:

    in these videos you always see these older white men walking the streets with these young girls. y’all are disgusting

  5. Chris Juricich says:

    reminds me of the time many years ago my Filipina wife and some of our mutual friends told me to walk through a red light district alone; the rest of them following discreetly at a distance, and of course, I got swarmed by the sexworkers cajoling me to go for short time. Their utter shock when my mestizo (white-looking) friend came up to 'rescue' me and tell the girls that his wife was right there watching. They all laughed, then suggested a threesome. This was long about 2001 or so

  6. gordon sinnott says:

    Yanks like you not understand.They are lovely people , but u will meet a bad end if u do not pull ur head in…

  7. Mark Luke says:

    Enjoy your vids Buggie, but failed to see the point of this one other than being antagonistic. 🙏

  8. Ash Ward says:

    Interesting video, many Thai lady's don't like to be filmed.
    China has stopped their people from leaving China. So i understand the Chinese food Court is not busy!
    I also remember the Chinese eating places were busy a couple of years ago.

  9. Keith Burns says:

    I knew that there would be some form of conflict, the massage ladies hardly ever like to be filmed, you should have realised. I can understand their reluctance and have shown them that respect 😷👍. still enjoy your efforts, keep the videos coming. cheers, take care and stay safe.

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