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JONYS LIVING IN THAILAND VLOGS Baya Massage Shop Address: Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110 Phone: 088 142 6688 Google Map Link Romeo Boutique – Best Tailor & Master Boutique 8 Poolsuk Rd. Hua Hin District Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110 Phone: 087 665 7100 Google Map Link Bombay Palace Restaurant Phone: 087 365 6319 Google Map Link Today I am taking my friend Ian for a traditional Thai oil massage in Hua Hin, Thailand! Lucky Ian gets 2 Thai girls to massage him. Then I go to find my costume and explain what it is 🔵PLEASE ADD ME ON FACEBOOK Email: My name is Jonny, I’m 40 years old and I live in Hua Hin, Thailand. I have lived in Thailand for 7 years. 🔵Some Frequently Asked Questions Q. How do you make a living? A. I have investments in homes and property in Australia Q. Are you single? A. Currently, I am in a relationship with my Thai girlfriend. Q. How long have you lived in Thailand? A. I have lived in Thailand for 7 years, I spent 2 years in Phuket, about 2 years in Bangkok. Now I am in Hua Hin Thailand. Q. Why did you start vlogging on YouTube? A. I think I will be able to show the best and the worst of Thailand through my eyes. A new perspective on life in Thailand. Q. Do you speak Thai? A. No, but I am currently studying it at school. #THAILAND #VLOG #EXPAT

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tantric massage phuket.

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  1. Stephen Czzz says:

    Hillary had Top Secret documents on her private server that was unsecured. Where was the outrage? Why didn't the FBI raid her home? What kind of sham investigation was done on her? Comey had written her innocent before he had her interviewed. What a Joke!! SHE WASN'T EVEN THE PRESIDENT, WHICH MAKES IT WORSE!!

  2. Hector A says:

    I think this is pretty much the only reason anyone would visit Thailand. For the girls and the massages. I’m down to visit haha

  3. Michael Mann says:

    Did that man just refer to this girl as fresh for only being there for a month? Is THAT BORDERLINE HUMAN TRAFFICKING or just an old American man enjoying his retirement in a 3rd world country? Or is it the 475mgs of thc gummies that I had for a midafternoon snack? You tell me…..,. I'm very flexible.

  4. trentbateman says:

    TF did I just watch?!??

    On a side note it would be hilarious if Jonny regularly featured this bloke getting massages. Especially from Nam!

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