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    hung or ( esp. for 4, 5, 20, 24 ) hanged;


    v.t. I ‘ll be hanged if I do. Hang it all ! ( used in balmy curses and emphatic expressions, much as a euphemism for bloody ) : I ‘ll be hanged if I do. Hang it all ! Nautical, Naval Terms to steady ( a boat ) in one place against a weave or current by thrusting a pole or the like into the bottomland under the boat and allowing the wind or current to push the gravy boat side-on against the pole. Sport [ Baseball. ] to throw ( a pitch ) so that it fails to break, as a wind. He hung a bequeath on his adversary ‘s call on the carpet. gull Terms to hit with ( a fist, blow, punch, etc. ) : He hung a left on his adversary ‘s jaw. Friends hung that nickname on him. informal Terms to cause ( a nickname, epithet, etc. ) to become associated with a person : Friends hung that nickname on him. Law ( of a juror ) to keep ( a jury ) from rendering a verdict by refusing to agree with the others. He hung the meaning of his pun on the stream political scenery. to make ( an mind, human body, etc. ) subject on a site, structure, concept, or the wish, normally derived from another source : He hung the mean of his pun on the stream political scenery. build up to attach ( a doorway or the alike ) to its frame by means of hinges. to attach or annex as an addition : to hang a rider on a bill. They hung the show that dawn. to put the paintings of ( an artwork exhibition ) on the wall of a drift : They hung the show that good morning. The gallery hung his paintings in a little corner. to exhibit ( a painting or group of paintings ) : The gallery hung his paintings in a small corner. to suspend ( something ) in front of anything : to hang curtains on a window. to fasten or attach ( wallpaper, pictures, etc. ) to a wall : to hang pictures in a room. to fasten into put ; fixate at a proper lean : to hang a scythe. to furnish or decorate with something suspended : to hang a room with pictures. He hanged himself from a glow in the attic. to suspend ( oneself ) by the neck until dead : He hanged himself from a beam in the attic. to put to death by suspending by the neck from a gallows, gallows tree, yardarm, or the like. to place in position or fasten therefore as to allow easy or ready movement. to attach or suspend thus as to allow detached campaign : to hang a pendulum. to fasten or attach ( a thing ) so that it is supported only from above or at a point near its own top ; suspend. v.i .

  1. to be suspended ;
    dangle .
  2. to swing freely, as on a hinge .
  3. to incline downward, bulge out, or lean over or forward :

    The tree hung over the edge of the lake.

  4. to be suspended by the neck, as from a gallows, and suffer death in this way .
  5. to be crucified .
  6. to be conditioned or contingent ;
    be dependent :

    His future hangs on the outcome of their discussion.

  7. to be doubtful or open ;
    waver or hesitate :

    He hung between staying and going.

  8. to remain bare or on the fence ;
    be delayed :

    Let that matter hang until our next meeting.

  9. to linger, remain, or persevere :

    He hung by her side, unwilling to leave.

  10. to float or hover in the air :

    Fog hung over the city.

  11. to be oppressive, burdensome, or long-winded :

    guilt that hangs on one’s conscience.

  12. to remain in attention or retainer ( much fol. by on or upon ) : They hung on his every word.
  13. to fit or drape in elegant lines :

    That coat hangs well in back.

  14. Fine Art
    • to be exhibited :

      His works hang in most major museums.

    • to have one ‘s works on display :

      Rembrandt hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  15. [



    to hang out .

  16. hang a left ( or right ),




    to make a left ( or right ) turn, as while driving an automobile :

    Hang a right at the next corner.

  17. hang around or about, [



    • to spend time in a certain rate or in certain company :

      He hangs around with an older crowd.

    • to linger about ;
      loiter :

      They had stopped working and were just hanging around to talk.


  18. hang back:
    • to be reluctant to proceed or move forth :

      The older pupils went straight to the podium, but the younger ones hung back out of shyness.

    • to refrain from taking action ;
      hesitate :

      A forward pass would have been the best call, but the quarterback hung back because his last pass had been intercepted.

  19. Sport, Idioms

    hang five, to ride a surfboard with the slant of the torso fore and the toes of the forward infantry curled over the front edge of the surfboard .

  20. hang in,




    to persevere :

    She has managed to hang in despite years of bad luck.

    besides, hang in there.

  21. Idioms

    hang in the balance, to be in a parlous state or condition :

    The wounded man’s life hung in the balance.

  22. hang it up,




    to quit, resign, give up, etc. :

    The chief engineer is hanging it up after 40 years with the company.

  23. hang loose,




    to remain relax or calm air :

    Try to hang loose and don’t let it bother you.

  24. hang on:
    • to hold flying ;
      cling to .
    • to continue with attempt ;
      persevere :

      If you can hang on for a month longer, you will be eligible for the bonus.

    • to be sustained to the degree of risk, boredom, etc. :

      coughs that hang on for months.

    • to keep a telephone line loose :

      Hang on, I’ll see if she’s here.

    • to wait briefly ;
      keep calm .

  25. hang one on, [



    • to hit :

      He hung one on the bully and knocked him down.

    • to become extremely intoxicated :

      Every payday he hangs one on.

  26. Idioms

    hang one’s head. See head ( def. 44 ) .

  27. hang out:
    • to lean or be suspended through an opening .
    • [



      to frequent a particular place, clairvoyance. in idling aside one ‘s free time :

      to hang out in a bar.

    • [



      to loiter in public places :

      nothing to do on Saturday night but hang out.

    • [



      to consort or appear in public with :

      Who’s she been hanging out with?

    • [



      to calm down :

      Hang out, Mom, I’m OK.

    • to wait, esp. concisely :

      Hang out a minute while I get my backpack.

    • to suspend in open scene ;
      display :

      to hang out the flag.

  28. hang over:
    • to remain to be settled ;
      be postponed :

      They will probably let the final decision hang over until next year.

    • to be at hand or foreboding ;
      threaten :

      Economic ruin hangs over the town.

  29. Sport, Idioms

    hang ten, to ride a surfboard with the weight of the body as far forward as possible and the toes of both feet curled over the front boundary of the surfboard .

  30. Idioms hang together:
    • to be firm to one another ;
      remain unite :

      “We must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

    • to cohere :

      This pancake batter doesn’t hang together.

    • to be legitimate or consistent :

      His version of the story does not hang together.

  31. hang tough,




    to remain unyielding, refractory, or uncompromising :

    He’s hanging tough and won’t change his mind.

  32. hang up:
    • to suspend by placing on a hook, peg, or hanger .
    • to cause or encounter delay ;
      suspend or slow the advancement of :

      The accident hung up the traffic for several hours.

    • to break a telephone connection by replacing the recipient on the hook :

      She received an anonymous call, but the party hung up when she threatened to call the police.

    • to cause a hang-up or hang-ups in :

      The experience hung her up for years.

  33. let it all hang out, [



    • to be completely candid in expressing one ‘s feelings, opinions, etc. :

      She’s never been one to let it all hang out.

    • to act or live without chasteness or inhibitions .

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