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Gyan Chakra Kriya brings opportunity, prosperity, and generally lifts you to a higher level in your vibration so you don’t have to chase things, they come to you. It works on your aura, arc line and radiant body. Study with me at Kundalini Meditation Company at

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Gyan Chakra Kriya: Become Radiant Hi-Vibrational Being
Gyan Chakra Kriya: Become Radiant Hi-Vibrational Being

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Gyan Chakra Kriya: Become Radiant Hi-Vibrational Being.

gyan chakra kriya.

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32 thoughts on “Gyan Chakra Kriya: Become Radiant Hi-Vibrational Being | All relevant information gyan chakra kriya is the most complete

  1. Malik DeLaun says:

    Sat Nam Zita. I keep returning to this Kriya guided by you. I pair it with Subagh Kriya and even Har Gobinday. Amazing opportunities and epiphanies have been falling into my lap this year. Thank you for your light. ✨

  2. Jamie Hart says:

    Feeling emotional watching this πŸ™‚ pure beauty and integrity. Which song is this?
    Also – how does this differ from arcline cleaning ? I did that for 40 days and although challenging , it set me up for magic once I started sat kriya after :))

  3. Kristina McCo says:

    Every year I do this set for 120 days straight to cleanse any energy I have picked up thru the year (negativity, men, toxic thoughts). The hardest part are days 70-120, but once you complete your full 120 you will look back and see all it has done for you. Especially if you’ve been thru a breakup and needing to breakup with someone.

  4. Liantra Naidoo says:

    Sat nam …please give the name of book you read that you mentioned in the beginning…you mentioned it was a channelled entity which I find so intriguing…I would love to read it too πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  5. Kashyap1 Kumar1 says:

    Sat Nam Guru Zita ! Found this video 3 months ago, and I could see u believable changes in 30 days itself. Thank you so much for this Life path.
    However, I need one guidance: Thinking of taking a 3 year Vow to do 90min GCK every day (have been doing 62min from 15 days). My question is: It won't change so much that I leave worldly pleasures, right?
    This Kriya makes me a better human, while making me successful. I don't want to give up the material world, yet.

  6. amkicia says:

    This is a lovely practice. I'm about to start 40 days with it ☺️ Question, though: YB says to speed up towards the end, then hold up your arms on an inhale, then twist from side to side seven times at the end and you don't do that here. Is there a reason for that?

  7. Crystal Mizuku Nakay says:

    Hello thanks for sharing! Is it possible to do different kriyas at once? For example subagh kriya in the morning and gyan kriya in the evening? New to kundalini and simply wondering, thanks for your answer in advance πŸ’šπŸ’›β€οΈ

  8. Kashyap1 Kumar1 says:

    SatNam Zita ! My second day with GCK, I already did 11m twice a day, without a sweat and found it so powerful. Wanted your expert advise, whether can we do more than 11m, like 22m/31m?

  9. Kashyap1 Kumar1 says:

    SatNam Zita, found GCK on internet today, and finally did it with you.
    One question though:
    I have been going through problems lately, and I Know my Aura/arcline is weak. So I want to cure my anxiety/stress, clear my baggage and strengthen aura. Found Arcline meditation 5 days ago and doing it. Can I switch to GCK instead, since it seems both have common goal (GCK seems to have more), or should I do both?

  10. lil bahadur chetri says:

    Gyan kriya wonderfully explained thank you Ms. Zita, while practising where shall one's eye focus ?

  11. marlenawos says:

    Thank you Zita! I've just finished my 40th day with this practice and feel very greatful I found it here! πŸ™‚ <3 <3 <3

  12. Elizabeth Owen says:

    Amazing! I can feel it working already. This works wonders with the solar plexus and crown chakra. I can feel heat in my solar plexus while doing this πŸ’›πŸ™

  13. John Renko says:

    Sat Nam Zita. Thank you. I have been a Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2012 and that is the best, most complete explanation of this kriya I have ever heard. I love how you're always reading and researching other information and bringing it to your teaching. You have a marvelous ability to tie in, extrapolate and synthesize a wide range of teachings to better explain Kundalini yoga. Ground breaking. Perhaps one day you'll write a book. Wahe Guru.

  14. Wheneagles Fly says:

    How many minutes a day do you recommend this is done? Should it also be done daily?
    Thanks. I'm glad i found you on here.

  15. Balwinder Singh says:


  16. Sarah McClure says:

    Loved it!
    The flowing motion of the arms tracing the auric field, so soothing!
    I will return to this simple kriya!

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