Thailand Chemical Industry Overview

Thailand’s Chemical Industry on Growth Curve

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Big Capital Investments in Thailand’s Industry Expected

respective chemical and petrochemical companies announced capital investments in Thailand during the first one-half of 2011. IVL, the world ’ randomness biggest producer of PET ( Polyethylenterephthalat ) plans to expand its production capacities to 5.8 million tons per year. The caller ’ second management plans an expansion to a total of 10 million tons until 2014, besides by acquiring foreign manufacturers. For this aim, IVL raised its budget for investments to a billion US $ for 2011 and expects to invest a full of about US $ 4 millions until 2014. IRPC plans to expand its propylene capacity to 710,000 tons per year. Therefore, the company expects to invest around US $ 800 millions. PTT MCC Biochem, a joint venture of Thai PTT and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation plans to spend US $ 200 millions on a new Polybutylensuccinate ( PBS ) adeptness. Constructions are planned to start this year, while productiveness is expected for 2015.


Reading: Thailand’s Chemical Industry on Growth Curve

PBS is just one of a newly portfolio of bioplastics, for which analysts expect capital potentials, alkso in Thailand. PTT is presently negotiating with respective other producers of bioplastics, planning to enter the research and product of polymers like PLA ( Polyalactic Acid ). The thai government wants to establish the nation as a local center of biopolymers and plans corresponding investments. besides Dow recently announced the open of a jointly operated polyolefin elastomers plant in Rayong .

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