Official reseller
We are an official reseller of all mark ‘s watches that we sell. That equals to : actual watches with valid guarantee and access to official service .
An electroluminescent panel will make the front of the watch light up, making the display easier to see/read .
Shock resistant
A thus called shock absorber insubordinate construction protects the watch against shocks and vibrations .
LED indicator
A LED ( light-emitting diode/LED ) flashes a soon as an alarm, a countdown timekeeper or an hourly bespeak starts/expires.

Stopwatch function – 1/100 sek. – 24 hours.
Preliminary time, rip time and final time are measured down to 1/100 of a second ‘s accuracy, and the measurement capacity is up to 24 hours .
Timer – 1/1 min – 24 hours
This countdown timer can remind you of reoccuring or special events, using an acoustic signal. time can be set ( up to ) 24 hours in advance, and in moment ‘s intervals. Perfect for daily consumption of medication or exercise .
The watch will remind you of any important event that you set. There are 4 types of alarms :
1. daily alarm clock ; activated at the same time every sidereal day.
2. Date dismay ; activated at a certain date.
3. monthly alarm ; activated on the same day each calendar month.
4. alarm clock for every day of one calendar month .
Auto calendar
Corrects mechanically for months/years with different lengths .
Display of day and date
Current sidereal day and date is displayed on the dial/screen .
12/24-hour timing
The time can be specified either in a 12 hour ( AM/PM ) or in a 24 hour format .
Long batterylife
The battery in this watch will end at least 2 years, because the watch function less energy.

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Read more: What Is Cocktail Attire for Women? | LoveToKnow is an authorized Premium reseller of is an authorize Premium reseller of. That means that the normal 2 years “ correct to reclaim ” is extended to 3 years. We only sell actual watches that comes with valid guarantee and access to official service. Resin strap
Natural resin is an ideal material for straps, because the material is not only very durable but besides identical elastic .
Mineral crystal
This, very durable, mineral crystal has improved auspices. Water protection: 200 meter (20 bar)
This watch can be worn while swimming/snorkeling ( near the surface ). The value refers to the pressure in urine, at that depth, while inactive … and should not be seen as the depth for wearing the watch ..
Condensation – important!
Rapid changes in temperature can cause condensation inside the watch. If you notice moisture beneath the glass, you should immediately go to a watchmaker, who can open and dry the watch. even if the signs of moisture disappears, by themselves … the moisture will not – and will finally damage your watch – indeed, visit a master and remove it permanently. even raincoat watches are not protected against condensation, sol keep that in mind if you plan to go from very hot to very cold temperatures – like from a hot sauna directly to the snow. If condensing occurs, it identical rarely ( if ever ) depends on manufacture, so if your determine is damaged by moisture, guarantee will probably not cover it ( it could be manufacturing issues, but … most likely it will be because of the rapid change of temperature = natural causes ). Size
This watch has a width of 50 mm (the dial, measured from left to right, with the crown excluded). Even if some watches are not perfectly circle-shaped, we still use the term: diameter – and we only measure the case, completely ignoring the crown (even though some includes it, in their measurements).

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Resin case
Does this watch fit your wrist ? Wristwatches has gradually become larger in size, and a typical men ‘s watch is normally between 40 and 45 mm wide. If you have a wrist that is noticeable larger/smaller, we recommend that you focus on the sizes in/outside the outer edges of the distinctive sizes. You are always welcome to contact our confirm, so we can share our experience with you .
This product description is created specifically for and may not be copied ( in solid or in parts ) ! Violation will consequently be met by demands of compensation .

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