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Four easy steps to clear, glowing skin and get ready for your makeup routine! *not sponsored* You can learn more about Avène Cleanser Aveda exfoliator epionce Priming oil Epionce creme ^ Let’s be friends on instagram @beauty_nikimare (beauty account) or my private @makeup_nikimare

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GLOWY SKIN TUTORIAL (beautynikimare)
GLOWY SKIN TUTORIAL (beautynikimare)

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  1. Χριστίνα Βέτσου says:

    Perfect prep routine I'll try it out! Keep up the good work, we want more videos ❤️

  2. Athina Fragkaki says:

    Great job !!!Skin care is so important,so we really thank you for your video! You look gorgeous! I would improve my skin care routine applying your advice!

  3. Alexandra Frantzeskaki says:

    Wow girl you are so pretty !wish my skin be like yours after this skin routine ❤️

  4. Mad About Skin says:

    Hey Niki, great video and routine so i just became your first subscriber :).. I have a skincare channel here on YouTube too and would love you to check it out and let me know what you think.. Keep up the great work xxx

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