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Glossier Eyeshadow | Lidstar Review, Swatches & Try-on
Glossier Eyeshadow | Lidstar Review, Swatches & Try-on

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Glossier Eyeshadow | Lidstar Review, Swatches & Try-on.

glossier lidstar swatches.

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14 thoughts on “Glossier Eyeshadow | Lidstar Review, Swatches & Try-on | Cover the information about glossier lidstar swatches the most complete

  1. Smashley-Devin says:

    I couldn’t watch the swatches because whatever sound is coming though the audio background was too distracting for me :/

  2. Autumn Towne says:

    Thank you for the natural lighting and no beauty filter! It really allows me to see how the product appears in real life. It is also nice to finally find someone who has natural veins in their eyelids and undereye showing so I can truly see how the product would look on! Great video and you're gorgeous xo

  3. Nicole says:

    i just got the lidstar in Lily and i cannot open it lmao. I've twisted it, pulled it, at one point i tried pressing down and twisting (like the child locks on medication). Does anyone else have this issue? How do you open it??? lol

  4. Signe Berg Nissen says:

    Really nice review! I have found out to get the most color payout, I apply it with the applicator it comes with (without blending with beauty blender and brush) works so well!!!

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