Girls’ Generation member Yoona is drawing attention for her unique snack tip. Keep on reading for all the details.

Girls’ Generation Yoona Surprises Viewers With Her Unique Snack Tip

For the past 15 years, Yoona of Girls’ Generation has been one of the most popular female idols in K-pop. Due to her successful career, the idol has amassed a fortune. With that, some people believe Yoona lives lavishly, as her finances can buy her almost every product and service.

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However, the idol proved that she is just your average girl next door on her YouTube channel. She knows how to cook, chop wood, paint walls, and does not mind unclogging toilets.

On April 12, Yoona shared a vlog of her in Busan. There, the idol revealed her unique tip of preserving half-eaten snacks effectively. The half-eaten snack bag is neatly packaged without clamps or elastic bands with just a few folds.

First, she folds the two corners of the snack bag to meet in the middle.

Girls' Generation Yoona Draws Attention for Her Unique Snack Tip

She then turns the bag to the other side and folds it down until it reaches the point where the snacks are.

Girls' Generation Yoona Draws Attention for Her Unique Snack Tip

After, she took the corner that she folded and peeled it back.

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Girls' Generation Yoona Draws Attention for Her Unique Snack Tip

Internet users expressed admiration for Yoona’s good and useful tips. The video has been shared by fans on Twitter and has reached over a million views on the platform.

Check out the tweet here:

Check out Yoona’s vlog here:

Girls’ Generation Yoona Draws Applaude for Handiness

As mentioned, Girls’ Generation member Yoona has proved her handiness at home. She can do both basic and complex chores.


During an appearance on “Hyori’s Homestay 2,” Yoona was seen sweeping, washing, and cleaning the home, leaving the place neat and tidy. She even became the home’s super chef. She cooked delicious and beautiful dishes. Lee Hyori expressed her happiness with Yoona’s cooking during her appearance on the show.

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One moment that garnered massive attention was when Yoona, who is known as “The Nation’s Center,” did not hesitate to clean and unclog the toilet. Many people praised the idol for not shying away from housework.


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