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AFFORDABLE SKINCARE ROUTINE , Then you can look up other topics that posted continuously right below

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23 thoughts on “Get That SKINCARE GLOW | AFFORDABLE SKINCARE ROUTINE | #youngerskin | Summary of information about flower bomb oil most detailed

  1. Barbara Fischer says:

    I would try her products but my skin cannot tolerate fragrance. Fragrance added to skin care has no skin care benefits.

  2. Judi Goldfarb says:

    Tammy just watched & am loving the ingredients, packaging & price. I’ve used so many different lines, love TT, Osmosis etc, but I’m not a drugstore shopper, but I’m trying this line, especially since it’s cruelty free.

  3. Valerie Wooten says:

    Hi Tammy, I saw on one of your videos where you talked about a makeup mirror you really liked. I can’t seem to find that video now but was wondering if you could let me know what you use. Thanks!

  4. Elysa Monserrate says:

    Great video, I’ve purchased several of her products and love them. The facial cleansing balm is amazing!

  5. My Lab Josie says:

    I just started using Latisse again. I was shocked that Good RX gave a coupon for a 5ml bottle for $37. So happy I did my research 👍🏻

  6. H Augustyn says:

    Hi Tammy !!🙋‍♀️
    I just want to lets you know that I place my 2nd order with Bay Harbor and this time your code went through (10%) 👍🥰
    Thank you …and you are absolutely right about the Bay Harbor products…they are the most amazing facial treatments !!👍👍😊

  7. Catherine Haden says:

    Would love to try these products they sound fantastic but the shipping to UK is 😱 you’re skin looks amazing 😍

  8. BlingBea says:

    Love love Bay Harbour Beauty, oh my goodness that Flowebomb body scrub smells just like my perfume, just ordered the body lotion and oil in the same sent. I’m almost out of the eye and face serum, mine was the old packaging, loving her new containers. Wish she had a wish list feature to add everything I want to try.🥰💖

  9. H Augustyn says:

    Tammy, I just placed my order for few products that you recommended !! I place the code for 10% off…but they said this code is valid (We love Tammy )….
    Thanks for introducing me to this line …🙋‍♀️👍💚

  10. lo ro says:

    You are so beautiful Tammy. Your hair and skin are gorgeous. Menopause is the worst….you don’t really understand it and how everything changes until you go through it. I’m hoping that at some point that it levels out? Lol. One can only hope. ☺️

  11. Jean Marie Jones says:

    Do the products from bay harbor actually give your skin a glow? Or do they just add a moisture like shiny layer to your face? I have a problem with products because sometimes they don't work into my skin rather they lay on top of it and feel heavy and oily. The pictures look like your skin is glowing but I'm not sure.

  12. Barbara says:

    Hi Tammy! Thank you so very much for going over the Bay Harbor Beauty products! You got my attention when you said "no junk!" I have used her body cream and urea cream on your previous recommendations and adore them! They really work!!!! Thank you …. heading to Bay Harbor Beauty for more clean skin care!

  13. Snow Angel says:

    Thank you Ms Tammy for this informative video, I love skin care thanks to you and trust your recommendations so I will give BHB a try.. I can't wait to also try her body scrubs. I love your doodle babies, they look so happy and cute. Bisous

  14. Kim From Arkansas says:

    Never heard of Virgils but I want to try it. I’d love to hear about your hormone treatment. I’m post menopausal. I take progesterone, estrogen, lexapro, Benadryl, and 10 mg of melatonin every night before bed and still can’t sleep. My hormones need balancing. I’m miserable with this insomnia and I have to get up at 430 to get ready for work every morning. Love your videos. 💕Kim

  15. Jana C says:

    Tammy, live to see your darling girls!
    🐩🐩thank u for showing them & your
    Beautiful yard. So fun. Hugs. Jana -Texas

  16. Jean Marie Jones says:

    Do the products give you an actual glow, do they make your skin smooth and clean and glowing? Or do they leave kind of a film that looks more shiny and oily? Sometimes I have a hard time with products because they don't really work into my skin but rather they lay on top of my skin.

  17. Carla Steuer says:

    Hi Tammy, how to avoid the aging vocal changes “ “grandma creaks” while speaking? Progesterone cream and if applicable which one? Where would you start?

  18. DeeAnn Jensen says:

    You are beautiful girl!! You literally have No wrinkles! Or age spots! I have both 😩😪😢

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