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Today I am experimenting between gel and foam for a wash n go… which one is better? watch to find out (: hope you enjoy, x or products mentioned: curls blueberry bliss leave in kinky curly gel honey curl mousse let’s be friends: let’scollab: email: alyssa (business inquiries only)

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gel vs mousse | wash n go styling experiment for natural hair
gel vs mousse | wash n go styling experiment for natural hair

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gel vs mousse | wash n go styling experiment for natural hair.

rosemary styling foam.

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45 thoughts on “gel vs mousse | wash n go styling experiment for natural hair | Cover the information about rosemary styling foam the most detailed

  1. Torrey Lebeau says:

    I promise when she went to the bathroom I thought she was a different person entirely. I was wondering where the first girl went.🤭

  2. Rasha Obaid says:

    I prefer mousse on my hair. I have medium porosity, 3b find hair texture. Gel creates build up and weighs my hair down and makes it look like I have less hair. With mousse it looks natural, I don’t need to define my curls

  3. Larry Shelby says:

    You look like you had a attitude making the video about your hair I think you rolled your eyes 5 times and moved your hands in a agreesive manner maybe that's how so people are but all that for the same result can't tell the difference between them both you have to do the video over.

  4. Rogue Y says:

    ogx coconut curls mousse is really moisturizing and defining. I hate bulky products even as a 3c and I've been lucky with this mousse

  5. lilMissSunshine says:

    Thank you so so much for this video. I go to a professional once or twice a yr (been natural for 4 years) and she said she's noticed my porosity change and my hair becoming dryer over time. We think it's the gel from all the wash and gos over 4 yrs. I need a gel alternative so now trying the mousse!!! I want to use creams underneath for more moisture but I am hoping this is the solution.

  6. God’s Child says:

    Mouse makes my hair easier to comb out, clumps curls nicer and makes it much easier overall to get my hair done quickly and nicely. But… flakes so bad by end of day and leaves my hair feeling like straw after a while. Gel is too thick and heavy but won’t flake on me or leave my hair feeling awful

  7. Sasha Harris says:

    I like the gel. Keeps down the frizzy and more long wearing. The mouse will dry out too quick.

  8. Jeneé Monique says:

    This is THE video that I needed to see. I’m going to do this exact thing once I take out my protective style. Gel during the week and mouse on the weekend

  9. Dominique Devereux says:

    Maybe use the "Knot Today" detangler from Kinky Curly as a leave-in instead of the curling custard (since it is basically just a lightweight version of the custard) & follow with the mousse & see if that gives you the moisture the botanica gel provides with the fluffiness/volume of the mousse 🤷🏾‍♂️??

  10. Denise Cuffee says:

    Mousse side for sure!! I may have to find a good mousse. You may just need a better mousse.

  11. Gemini Queen says:

    Do you recommend any other curling gels bc I clicked the link and it definitely was high😂

  12. Juicy Cosmetics says:

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  13. Megan W says:

    So glad I found you! My daughter hair has hair exactly like you and working on finding products that work best for her because he is loving her natural curls!

  14. Two Misfit Hippies says:

    I'm 61 years old-school. I love the mousse side. I prefer natural shine and sheen of my hair and the natural looking soft, bouncy curls I get with foam. I also use it to refresh. I personally don't care for the fake "wet" looking shine of gel, I don't care for the crunchy cast, plus gel weighs down my 3c, fine, low density, low porosity hair. Glad to see some of you "youngsters" might be hopping on the mousse wagon. 😉

  15. a.d. W says:

    The mouse is my favorite. My hair is not shiny naturally so I don't care to get it. I feel a mouse would compliment my hair's natural volume and fluffiness.

  16. Alaa Anbear says:

    mousse is for 1 day style and gel can keep longer ..i love 2 wash and go every day so i always use mousse its light and fluffy and always fast

  17. karla yen says:

    I use a curl cream and then I put mousse on afterwards. The combo gives me volume, moisture, and hold..

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