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Gel Tip Fill In and Overlay || Mani Boss Hema Free Gels
Gel Tip Fill In and Overlay || Mani Boss Hema Free Gels

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Gel Tip Fill In and Overlay || Mani Boss Hema Free Gels.

hema free builder gel.

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7 thoughts on “Gel Tip Fill In and Overlay || Mani Boss Hema Free Gels | Overview of the most detailed relevant contents hema free builder gel

  1. cora hawk says:

    Is the base coat good for those who have allergic reactions to gel polish? I just started getting allergic reactions and am looking for ways to still do my nails without getting the bumps and itch. I’m pretty sure that what I am allergic to is the HEMA, but I’ve heard of HEMA Free products still causing allergic reactions for people. Like the Aimeili base and top coat is supposedly HEMA Free, but still caused reactions for some people. Please help, I’m desperate 😂😭

  2. Kristy Stephens says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve been debating on it because some other BG are so hard to work with or realllllllly thick ( I know they’re suppose to be) but this looks different and easier and it’s so pretty! I just ordered it while I was watching this 😆 thank you!

  3. Alleluia Is Our Song says:

    So pretty!! I've been eyeing these 2 products! Do you feel like the Pink Lace builder gives pretty good strength? I'd be using on my natural nails and while they aren't super long, I do like a little length – but they're pretty thin so I'm wanting something that'll keep them from breaking.

  4. ScrappinJen31 says:

    I have that builder gel, too!! I haven’t tested it yet, but yours looks beautiful and definitely getting Erica vibes.

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