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Gel Polish allergy? IkonIQ Prima Hypoallergenic Gel Polish, First Impression and Review!
Gel Polish allergy? IkonIQ Prima Hypoallergenic Gel Polish, First Impression and Review!

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Gel Polish allergy? IkonIQ Prima Hypoallergenic Gel Polish, First Impression and Review!.

prima gel polish.

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29 thoughts on “Gel Polish allergy? IkonIQ Prima Hypoallergenic Gel Polish, First Impression and Review! | Summary of contents related to prima gel polish the most detailed

  1. katerina katerinaki says:

    The last time I had my nails done I rushed to the hospital with fingers full of blisters. Six years later and still afraid to attempt to have a gel manicure.

  2. Rebekah Jones says:

    How did you order this product? I went to their site and there wasn’t a drop down for US . Am I missing something? I want to order to try.

  3. LISA OSWALD says:

    I'm so happy you posted this because I have recently developed an allergy to gel polish.Tati, any updates on how it's going?

  4. Stephanie Lee says:

    Whattt I was so stressed i never had any allergies until I had a miscarriage after that everything changed and being allergic to gel I told everyone everywhere I went that I had this and still left with an allergic reaction I went back and they told me it wasn’t gel when it clearly said gel on the bottle and I promise I did not argue with anyone I understand people have their own problems and mine isn’t much compared to but I was so stressed because it’s like my allergic reaction was nothing they were like I don’t know how your nails look regular so idk it just hit hard for some reason but seeing this gives me hope

  5. Samantha Garcia says:

    I would so love to see more videos on gel polishes that are available in the US for people with gel allergies!

  6. Bren sno says:

    I went to the website that was on your website to get the hypoallergenic gel nail polish, and it is no longer available so there might be another name if so would you please let me know thank you

  7. Dedicated2Marz says:

    This is awesome. Thank you for doing this. I've been searching for so long after after suddenly developing an allergy to gel. I'm super excited for this! Thanks girl

  8. Shir Meisels says:

    Thank you for this! I wonder have you heard or try light elegance? Its an american brand and its amazing!

  9. whitexchina says:

    Actually, this brand is from from Stockholm /Sweden.
    I just developed an allergy as well & I have to start from new & buy new products.
    I bought a lot of hema- free, vegan & hyporallergenic products from all over. They aren't easy to get & pricey.
    This one seems fine.
    Will try it as well.

  10. Briana says:

    Hello! I am so happy you’ve conducted such a great video. Thank you as well as your client!! As someone who also experiences allergies to some gels, I feel much better about trying this product after seeing your video. Although I had already purchased it this week and I’m still waiting for it to come in, seeing this video helps ease my anxiety. Can you pleaseee try the ikon base coat to glue on the ikon gel tips, and see how it goes for her??? Since she is a nurse I understand she may not be able to use long nails, but I hope she is willing to try the tips if you cut them short. I just want to see how you apply it, and how it goes overall. Thank you!!!

  11. Kimberley Mayer says:

    You have no idea how relieved I am. I, too, am a nurse, and developped allergies to gel products. I am very devastated. However I am ready to pay to try this product. Thank you so much 💝

  12. IKONIQ Nails says:

    Thanks for the fair and balanced review )). We started to create hypoallergenic products in 2010 because we met so many wonderful nail artists at international competitions who had developed allergies. Today, the situation is much worse – described by the British Association of Dermatologists as a "gel polish allergic epidemic". There are several reasons for this, the main being Made in China products, often this is hidden by the brand, that contain higher risk ingredients such as HEMA (hydroxyethyl methacrylate) in excessive amounts.

    But HEMA is not the only high risk ingredient. A dermatologist will test for 13 different ingredients in a methacrylate patch test, but there are many other ingredients that can cause allergies if uncured or undercured product comes into regular skin contact.

    HEMA-free products may not be hypoallergenic. Many, including HEMA-free monomer contain high risk alternative ingredients. A true hypoallergenic product should contain none of the ingredients in the methacrylate patch test and ideally no ingredient that has been medically proven to cause an allergy when used in nail products.

    Hypoallergenic products are primarily designed for prevention. Many with allergies are able to happily use hypoallergenic products – often our products are the last resort for nail technicians to keep their career – but there are no guarantees, it depends how many ingredient allergies someone has and also how sensitive their immune system has become.

    I would recommend that anyone with allergies uses a complete system, including a matched lamp from the brand, so they get the same results intended by the product chemist. Using a hypoallergenic base and top, with brand Y colour, may work for a while, but if you soak-off the ingredients of the colour once dissolved in acetone, can cause further allergies.

    We are always willing to offer help and advice based on our 11 year experience, you can reach us through our website.

    Take care of the career you love guys xx
    Robert Giblett

  13. Jaqueline Iqueda says:

    Thank you so much for making this video!! I’ve been searching for hypoallergenic gel nail polishes since last year, after I start having a really bad allergy and I found these brands but I’m too scared to try them on: manicurist green flash, madam glam, (I’m trying to remember the name of the other one).

  14. DaATLien Barbie says:

    I developed it over time and my heart is broken 😞 god how could you curse me like this after decades of waiting for something so revolutionary (I’m 45) nails are my hobby and now it’s easier than ever . Thank you for this

  15. Andrea Lee says:

    I'm part of a FB group for people with gel allergy and many people react to brands like M Glam and amazon kits like beetles, etc. Many people with allergy can wear light elegance without reaction, but it varies as people are allergic to different ingredients. I've also been using BEVLAH, a korean gel brand, and the founder developed this brand because she had a gel allergy and wanted a safe brand that she could use. I love their products, and I believe they are available in the US, but they are a growing brand and the color range might be a bit limited.

  16. Maeldeis Nail Rituals says:

    Light Elegance is also a very hypoallergenic brand . Premium professional only products are always the safer. Ikoniq is good, but expensive to ship over. Light Elegance is USA owned and made.

  17. Kayl says:

    this is such a helpful video. i developed a severe allergy after years of using gel and i’m devastated, it’s my favorite way to do my nails. all the skin around the tips of my fingers peels off, my nail beds ache, and it even started to lift my nails after time and time again of trying to “just deal with it.” i’ve always wondered about sandwiching other brands between a hypoallergenic base and top coat. thank you for taking the time to do such an in depth review, and thank you to your client for letting you experiment!

  18. Rhonda Mastropoalo says:

    It’s too bad that we have to pay more for hypo products and Madam Glam would be great to test on her HEMA free . 💜

  19. Arline Andrews says:

    exclusive nail couture i think have some hypoallergenic gels but not sure about the polish

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